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The Rotinke look much like shorter A'Amans, though they always have red, rusty looking skin.


Rotinke are migratory, usually favoring fast ships. They live almost their entire lives on ships, only stopping to trade or resupply, they tell excellent stories, though these are often blasphemous in the eyes of the House. However, they are protected under the decree of Saint Ma'Jutkeni'Halla who is their patron saint.

They are notorious thieves, though they are almost always honest and fair in their bargains. They will not steal back things they have sold, but they are have no qualms about stealing anything else they value.

Often called "Zeha'Trunthi" or "Stealing Birds" because of their love of shiny things. They are not confined to Na'Hampana and travel the entire face of the world, taking years to return on their routes.