Borost:Koss Gaer

File:Ruins of Koss Gaer, the Consumed City.jpg
The ruin of Koss Gaer, seen from across the bridge that leads to its entrance. Painting executed by an anonymous Dwaerkar master.

Koss Gaer, also known as the Consumed City, is a former settlement in Borost.

The city was the capital of the Borost:Kingdom of Koss Gaer established by the legendary Borostím king, Tavres Ilsím. After one-hundred and fifty years of momentous growth, legend holds that the city was destroyed upon the Borost:First incursion of the Abyss, an event in which the Abyss entered the material plane, and which resulted in the deaths of Ilsím and countless Borostím.




Period of growthEdit

File:Cathedral of Koss Gaer, stylized.jpg
An artist's conception of what the Cathedral of Koss Gaer may have appeared like after construction. Even the ruin of the building is over 130 units high.


Ruins of Koss GaerEdit

The ruins are believed to house many dangerous threats by superstitious Borostím and Dwaerkar alike. For this reason, they are almost never visited, even by the most stalwart of adventurers.