Formless Ennead

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph


Entities beyond the veil of time - formless, endless. So distant from the worlds we know that I cannot see them past vague shapes beyond the darkness. All I know is this - the energies that collapse around them...cannot coexist with the Firmament.
โ€” Kinmorunddraver

The Formless Ennead is a name referring to nine deities worshipped in the prehistoric ages that do not correlate to any known existing deity in the Firmament. According to some exceptionally vague instances of information, the Formless Ennead are deities that exist beyond the edges of the Firmament, within a nothingness devoid of matter or time. The names of the Ennead are unknown, nor what they represent.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The only iconography existing within Telamon that is attested to the Formless Ennead are the Edinu Monoliths located within the deserts of modern day Khiya. A set of nine semi-submerged monoliths that each stand six metres high and arranged into a circle possess distinct glyphs usually believed to be the names of the Ennead. It is not known when these monoliths were carved and erected, but it was likely before the turn of the First Era.