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When is an Elf not an Elf?Edit

To become a true elf is time consuming, monopolizes a great many valuable true elves and requires enormous tracts of specially cultivated wilderness to be successful. Given this there are a great many individuals who either lacked access to the full number of elves to train them, the proper wilderness of an Elf Home or insufficient time to fully mature.

The most common form of Demi-Elf comes from parents who are either Demi-Elves themselves, an unfortunate Elf Couple without the necessary support or a mixed parentage of Elf and another form of human. This has come to create the misnomer that Demi-Elves are the result of a Elf and Human crossing but the real reason is more environmental/cultural then genetic.

A more rare case of Demi-Elf is when a human child is raised under a regime dictated either second hand from an elf instructor or simply accidentally rediscovered through trial and error by human parents/teachers.

Grace, Beauty and StrengthEdit

Demi-Elves are graceful, strong and beautiful by human standards. They do not need to fully sleep but do require rest and meditation to clear their minds and fix their memories of the day. A Demi-Elf can become fully mature (about the physical build of a twelve to fifteen year old) in as little as twenty years but some spend as long as forty and they will remain beautiful if not physically or mentally fit for the rest of their lives.

They are substantially more mentally flexible then Elves and are capable of being twisted and further corrupted just as humans including becoming Wizards or Giants.

Besides all of this though to a true elf they are sadly deformed, stunted or otherwise disquieting. Even more so than a mere beast in a shape like an elf (Faemorph) or even a human a Demi-Elf is ALMOST fully fae. As a result many elves judge demi-elves even more harshly and with stronger judgements than any other race.

Most disquieting to True Elves is that Demi-Elves are undeniably mortal, living between two and five hundred years depending on the peculiarity of their personal constitution. As a result every Demi-Elf is rarely considered much better then a terminally ill friend or child. At worst Demi-Elves are viewed as a horrific mockery and reminder of the very mortality that every elf parent strives to defeat for the sake of their child.


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