From Bestiary of the Hypogriph
File:Terbold warrior in combat.jpg
A towering Terbold, causing great destruction amidst a company of comparatively-diminutive humans.

The Terbolds, known to the Dwaerkar as Terboldkar, are a race which inhabits the Great Swamp to the North of Borost. The name they give to themselves, if any, is unknown. They appear to be members of the Serpent-folk society, and participate with their smaller companions in the Invasions. Although seemingly dimwitted, they unleash great destruction with large mauls and maces, while their thick, heavy scales, nearly impervious even to advanced Dwaerkar rifles, allow them to weather the storm.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Scales[edit | edit source]

Terbolds are covered in tough, thick scales, which are entirely impervious to any form of melee attack. In fact, their natural armor has even been found to regularly withstand the rounds of even the most advanced Dwaerkar rifles, even those with aerodynamic projectiles and rifling improvements -- particularly when they receive the impact at an angle.

On the battlefield, Dwaerkar training encourages soldiers to evade the Terbolds as much as possible -- a task complicated by their remarkable speed for their large size โ€” while cannon and artillery dispose of the huge beasts.

Size[edit | edit source]

Terbolds can grow to reach more than four meters in height, and some specimens over six meters have been sighted. Nevertheless, the average height of attacking Terbolds seems to be slightly above three meters.