Ÿphergund´s War

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Ÿphergund's War, also known as the Great War, amidst the Kel faithful as the Dawn of Kel, and amidst Borostím as The Collapse, and by a great number of other names, was a large conflict that spanned all of modern Borost. It was primarily fought between the Dwaerkar and the Borostím states. The Dwaerkar successfully wrested control of the land from the elven kingdom, establishing the Dwaerkar freeholds of today.

The Great War was the most savage and violent conflict fought in known history, with estimations exceeding 2 million total casualties. In addition, the war resulted in over 5 million civilian casualties, primarily Borostím civilians. The war was further tainted by a large number of war crimes, atrocities, and other vile and reprehensible actions perpetrated by both sides.

The war is the most significant recent event to rock Borost. It resulted in the collapse of Elven Borost, the implementation of the Fatherhood, and the mass exodus of Borostím to the South, where they founded the so-called Free Cities.

The war also resulted in catastrophic events for the Dwaerkar: the Chief of the Dwaerkar, Borost:Tzulft Ÿphergund, as well as his immediate successor, Molgart Ÿphergund, perished during the conflict. Three entire generations of young Dwaerkar, almost a million in total, lost their lives in the bitter and bloody fighting. In addition, the war caused the fragmentation of the Dwaerkar state, resulting in the disparate and independent Dwaerkar freeholds.

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