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Apotropaic Magic[edit]

Apotropaic, or protective magic, often relies on symbols, images or other physical means more than spells.


Many symbols have protective properties, these are often the symbols for saints, Gods, martyrs, or folk heroes, though they can also be more abstract. The most famous of these include:

  • The stained knot.
  • The broken wheel.
  • Groups of four .
  • Horned crowns.
  • Blue hands.
  • Seven cornered crystals.
  • Salt crystals.
  • Seven pointed stars.
  • Four pointed stars.
  • Five coins .
  • Green copper coins.


Some objects are enchanted and made as protective talismans:

  • Laznami: painted clay spirits. Made in the image of spirit animals and used to bind the same, they guard the veil around them, fighting off bad spirits and keeping out astral travelers.
  • A'Amantad: carved in the images of people, imbued with spells that protect from bodily harm, the wet clay is usually mutilated with wounds and painted with blood and sores.
  • Antragath: bracelets made of one single piece of coral, carved with holy scripture, worn to ward of the evil-eye and to keep children from harm.