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Blood magic is perhaps the most versatile and well studied school of magic in all of Na'Hampana. While the House have only criminalized one school of magic, Necrothurgy, they have also only openly condoned another one, Blood magic, or Juit'Thiss as it is called in the language of Na'Hampana. Blood Magic is viewed with distrust in only the farthest flung, culturally distant parts of the Empire, and though the House strictly forbids making it illegal in any province, a few have strict guidelines and penalties for its use.

Combat application[edit]

Juit'Thiss has many useful applications in a combat setting, causing rapid-onset blood poisoning or de-oxygenating blood among other things, the energy stored in blood can also be used to power other offensive or defensive spells such as:

  • Sin'Mogien'Bhalatras - Bloody rope
    Causes an invisible force to crush the victims neck, asphyxiating them as though they were being hung by a rope.
  • No'Vakkel'Bhalatras - Colored Sigil
    The caster bloodies their fingers and writes a sigil in the air, anyone who sees the sigil starts bleeding from their eyes and spitting up blood, even the caster.

Auguring applications[edit]

If you have someones blood it's quite easy to spy on them, or with a little more effort, their kin, you can even get impressions of their future, past, or the content of their character from it.

  • Norl'Mognun'Bhalatras - Invisible eye
    The caster can see through the eyes of someone, so long as they have their blood.
  • Ma A'esel'Elezas - Arcane Judgment
    The spell gives you a rough idea of the moral worth of a person.

Apotropaic applications[edit]

Juit'Chiss has more applications for protection than combat and augury together, ranging from a simple circle, to complex spells requiring the blood of many individuals. Some good examples are:

  • The Blood circle
    A common piece of magic attributed to no magician, you draw a thin circle in blood and power it with a single word. It offers barely any protection, but a cunning Bhalatra (Blood mage) can build upon it quickly, making it much more useful.
  • Sin'Oscan'Bhalatras - lined ward
    Often called a Gnisiter line, the waving, complex patterns must be drawn in yellow blood, preferably the blood of a Gnisiter woman, given with permission, when the incantation is spoken over it, none may pass with ill intention. Often cast on the doorstep of a house; though not always with blood, and not always magical.