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There are many cultures in the Empire, each with a Different take on life and death, morality, how to properly eat soup, etc.

This culture is transmitted through folktales or legends usually, but some cultures also use different writing methods.

Life and Death[edit]

The tale of Na'Drokkor[edit]

In Na'Hampana it is believed that the dead go beneath the sea, to its very floor and dwell there with the gods. They call this place "Na'Drokkor", Land of Death. Na'Drokkor is described as a dark place, out of reach of the sun's light and on its dark sandy floor the dead dwell. The caretakers of this realm are the "Drokkad'Halla" Saints of Death, these were never alive, but rather the original inhabitants of the seafloor who swore fealty to the Gods. The dead can return from this realm if they're dedicated enough to climb back up to land, though they are forbidden from sunlight and unprotected from the spirits of the sky.

The Na'Drokkor is a realm of nothingness, cold and bereft of warmth, it is said that when spirits gather together there fires burn, though all souls have a "Khjat" a piece of their soul that carries libations from the surface to the depths, ancestors that receive no libations are likely to return to the land of the living and cause problems until they are placated. Some spirits of the dead do not leave, but are kept in the world of the living by their descendants, notably, the first person to light the hearth in a new home will remain there after death, protecting the house for all eternity.