From Bestiary of the Hypogriph

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A map of the empire, with geographic areas noted.


  1. Sea of Nanroc.
  2. Sea of Wec.
  3. Sea of Tilentec.
  4. Old Na'Hampana.
  5. Na'Vintaraoel.
  6. Na'Minog.
  7. Sea of Zcilych.
  8. Bai'Ran.
  9. Sea of Mhec.
  10. Bai'Himbeyeh.
  11. Na'Kocants.
  12. Sea of Bisyhe.
  13. Bai'Hisnch.
  14. Na'Wolt'Nant.
  15. Bai'Kniseyeh.
  16. Na'Sirsel.


  • Na: a larger landmass, ranging from a large island to a small continent.
  • Bai: a snaking archipelago.
  • Z: an atoll (pronounced Zeh).
  • Woat: An island family that's not a Bai.
  • Leh: lonely island.