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The Gri'Helli are a race of sky spirits, with long feathers in place of hair and birdlike claws for hands and feet. The Gri'Helli would seem to exemplify the evils denounced by the House, but the truth is more complicated. While The House Doctrine is against the sky, against Moi'Shenna'Jol, it often covers birds, labeling them unclean and sky spirits like Gri'Helli are the A'Aman equivalent of Demons but, in reality, Gri'Helli are more morally ambiguous, as opposed to the outright evil proclaimed by The House. They live in large, black manors in the land of the night, favoring deep purples and blacks, long flowing skirts and jewelry decorated with the body parts they take in trade for magic.


The Gri'Helli are masters of pact magic, giving power to witches and folk healers and granting boons to supplicants. The price is often an eye, though it can range from a finger to an entire limb, depending on the nature of the boon requested. Failing to hold up your end of the bargain is almost always fatal, with the curses of the Gri'Helli either driving you mad or killing you. Unless angered, Gri'Helli make deals in plain language, warning against wishes they deem foolish, or those doomed to end poorly and bartering fairly with all. Be warned, angered Gri'Helli are tricky, twisting their words to make bargains turn sour and carefully wording the costs to extract even more from the supplicant.


Gri'Helli can be summoned in a myriad of ways, either through elaborate ceremonies to invite them to possess a shaman or priestess, or through more arcane, researched methods. Gri'Helli can manifest their own body, but prefer to possess a mortal. Gri'Helli are anxious to travel the mortal world and when summoned usually offer a small boon for free before going on their way. Banished Gri'Helli exact revenge upon those that cast them out. Gri'Helli can be exorcised with salt water and salt water burns them like acid.

Gri'Helli can also enter the mortal world from the night sky, though the path is treacherous and long and they prefer to wait and be summoned, lounging in their stately obsidian manors.


While Gri'Helli usually don't do anything malicious enough to kill them, it's worth keeping in mind that a Gri'Helli can be killed with a spike of rusty iron, dipped in saltwater, driven through each eye. This causes them to fall apart, both body and soul.

The resulting residual energies should be shied away from and decomposing Gri'Helli bodies should never be burned, lest you release all the energy at once.