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Classification of time periods[edit]

The Empire divides the history according to their traditions and culture. The history then, is separated into Ages, which can be divided into Eras, which are divided into periods, which are divided into Years, which are divided into months and days. Ages > Eras > Periods > Years > months > days.

According to the Empire calendar, there are 21 months in a year, each consisting of 21 days.

There is no set number of Eras in an Age and no set number of periods in an Era. There are also no set number of years in a period. Eras are divided by long wars, internal power struggles and sweeping religious campaigns, periods are divided by rulers, each period is named after a regent, years are numbered, as are months and days.

  1. The first Age was the Age of the Bantedynie, named after the precursors to the gods, which ruled then.
  2. The second Age was the Age of Darkness, when the sun was hidden and spirits of darkness ruled the land.
  3. The third Age which is currently ongoing, is the Age of Gods.

The Age of Bantedynie[edit]

In the Age of Bantedynie the grandparents of the gods ruled, with no limit to their power they made the world. The creation of Bantedyniaslas, the Sun Shield, would shape the world in the next era. The Eras of this Age are named after creations. "The Era of Land, The Era of Sea, The Era of Birds, the Era of Beasts" etc. There are said to be 333 periods among all these eras, though their names are not preserved. It is said that the sun shined eternally and thus, no further divisions of time can be made.

The Age of Darkness[edit]

After the death of the Bantedynie the prince of Wind and Darkness stole the Sun Shield and threw it deep into the earth, hiding its light. Thus began the Age Of Darkness, The Eras of this Age are named after the stages of the Journey of Huiltniddhe, the mother of the gods, in her quest to return the Sun Shield. There are no periods and no further divisions of time.

The Age of Gods[edit]

After the Sun Shield was returned to the heavens, to bar the spirits of darkness from entering the world, the Age Of Gods began, there have been 139 Eras so far, with 46 periods in the current Era so far and 7 years into the current period.