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The organizations of Na'Hampana range from secretive fraternities to popular cults. Many people in Na'Hampana are members of at least one organization, whether secret or public.


there are many cults in Na'Hampana, God-Cults, Saint-Cults, and even some devoted to less popular divine figures such as ancestor spirits or Gri'Helli worship cults.

  • Cult of Ma'Hellu'Tassu: This cult revolves around a magician who swallowed celestial power, becoming a twisted abomination with the powers of a seraphim.
  • Cult of Moi'Shenna'Jol: This cult revolves around the god of evil, and his many dark saints.
  • Cult of the Green Bird: This cult revolves around a spirit called the green bird, it promises wealth in return for complete obeisance.
  • Cult of the Juit'been: This cult revolves around the Juit'Been, a race of fish monsters that eat people.
  • Cult of the Parahashi: This cult revolves around the Monotheistic god from the north, Parahashi.

Magical Organizations[edit]

Magic has a tendency to bring its practitioners together in guilds and colleges

  • The Lyceum of Gnisiter.
  • The College of Sux'Hampana.
  • The Guild of Sorcery.
  • The Hampanad League.
  • The Library of Sux'Hella.

Martial Organizations[edit]

practitioners of the martial arts gather together in guilds and Dojos, honing their craft and finding ways to use their skills.


Wealthy aristocrats and poor philosophers all like to gather together in salons, even though they often attend different ones.