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Phosphomachy is the art of using Phosphothurgy (Magic using light) in battle, it includes spells.

Spells and effects[edit]

Listed here are the names and effects of some Phosphomachy spells, some are common, others rare:

  • Ma'Gnatiz'Eleza's Prismatic Quiver: fires burning bolts of rainbow light from your outstretched palm, one for each basic color.
  • Norl'Jracto'Eleza's Blinding Flash: causes a bright flash to go off, temporarily blinding any who see it.
  • No'Tulqud'Quitranto's Scintillating rod: causes a rod or staff to glow brightly and sunburn anything it touches, wear gloves.
  • Sin'Bhelmo'Tarintazo's Illuminating shields: causes three discs, one for each primary color to appear one inch above your forearm, allowing you to use them as shields, each sends a flash of light when struck.
  • Ma'Iegrids'Eleza's Fascinating color: causes a small orb of an impossible color to appear before the caster, any weak minded individual who looks at the orb cannot tear their eyes away from the alien color, even in the heat of battle.