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Phosphothurgy is the art of using light in magic, or in some cases, darkness. These spells are often some of the showiest, though this is usually a side effect. Phosphothurgy is often seen by the uninitiated as little better than a candle, a source of light, or the occasional sphere of darkness. Its practitioners, the "Uktannu", know that it has far more power.


  • Sin'Tacid'Uktannus shimmering dust: the caster throws wood ash into the air and speaks the words before the ash settles, it then settles on magical things and shimmers.
  • Ma'Khihiell'Uktannus Opalescent sheet: the caster spills water on the vellum and speaks the words, making a sign over the paper, which enchants a sheet of vellum so that it cannot be read except by one who speaks a password.
  • Norl'Bruccits'Uktannus Shining hand: the caster scratches a sign into a ring, thus enchanting it to shine when someone close wants to harm the one who use it.
  • No'Qidruk'Uktannus Scintillating mask: the caster speaks the words and creates a mask of light that covers the face, but still allows to see.