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The sciences in Na'Hampana are sadly neglected, while some magicians pursue pseudo science, such as spells that cure sickness, or astrologers who question how astral bodies move. For the most part researchers pursue personal goals, things which only sate their curiosity and don't really help people.


Magicians have made great leaps and bounds in treating sickness. The recent publication "The Diagnostic Formula" is found in academical and magic ware shops across the Empire and though it treats sickness as a spiritual ailment, real magical cures make this slightly less ridiculous. Another primary text is "The Chemists Handbook" concerning the creation of simple medicines, using incantations and herbs. Simple surgeries are performed, though they are dangerous, with only magical anesthesia. Alcohol is the most widely used antiseptic, along with a variety of moss that when brewed in water makes an antiseptic oily liquid called Guijatza.

Mental Illness[edit]

Mental illness is treated as possession by a minor spirit and treatment is either very minor in the case of calm afflictions, or very severe in the rare case the individual is dangerous, though there are no facilities to treat theses individuals, care form them is usually very gentle.


Astrology is a minor study in the arcane world, with only five astral bodies and no stars. The sun, A'Ama (the earth) The moon (a small dim one at that) and two planets invisible to the naked eye. It is accepted that these astral bodies revolve around the sun, though this is a recent development.


While chemistry and Alchemy are widely considered part of the magical tradition (as are all other sciences) chemistry has a special place in all of this, certain spells require reagents created through chemistry or alchemy.