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Life of Sin'Sha'Halla[edit]

First days[edit]

Sin'Sha'Halla was born on the remote atoll of Z'Sha, a satellite of Z'Sinec. And he was born with the name "Sin'Hulei'Koti" which means "Son of the Kelp farmer Hulei". The atoll lies In the middle of the Sea of Sinec.

He was born to poor parents, his father and mother were kelp farmers and when he was forced to labor with them by a cruel landlord, who raised the taxes on his house far beyond the measure set by the House (religion). After his Baptism, when he came of age and joined the house, he spoke to the priestess about his landlord. But she could not help him, the word of a kelp farmer against that of a Landlord could not sway the judge, who traveled from Sux'Hampana every month (40 days) to hear cases in the atoll village.

Taxes increase[edit]

The judge was old and lazy, he was forced to travel to the remote village every month, leaving his lavish chambers in the city, he had little patience for Z'Kshisi, "Atoll Rats" as he called the poor folk of Z'Sha. One day, word came that pirates to the north had sunk many shipments of goods and that the patrolship salary would come from the pockets of the island nobles. The landlord was angry at this and raised the taxes on all the houses he owned, forcing Sin'Hulei's parents to work from before dawn to after sunset. even after the waters were safe and the patrolships were paid for, the taxes did not lower. and as Sin'Hulei's parents grew older, they had to travel farther into the sea every day to get enough kelp to pay taxes.


One day a grand wave swept over their skiff and drowned the two of them, Sin'Hulei's father washed up onshore dead, his mother was never found. In the cool of the morning Sin'Hulei (Now just Hulei after his fathers death) pushed a small ship into the gentle waves, the priestess and his father onboard, when they traveled past the breakers, where the ocean fell below them like a black mirror, the priestess spoke a prayer for the dead and they lowered his father into the water, wrapped in cloth and bound with stones, that he might sink to the bottom of the sea to the land of the dead. But as he drifted down the ropes binding his shroud came undone, revealing his dead face and releasing one of his arms and thus he sank, blank eyes staring up at his son and one arm raised, as though he was begging his son to join him.

The vision[edit]

After this, Hulei was forced to work almost constantly, with only three hours in the night to sleep, he toiled and toiled, growing weak and near to death. one morning as he awoke he noticed a yellow light that filled the air, coming seemingly from everywhere, leaving no shadows, the waves, the houses and the trees looked flat. the sun was not yet up, but Hulei was forced to walk down to the beach and begin his work and there, in a colossal wave that loomed before him, was his fathers body, it was larger than it ever had been and it beckoned to him still, its cold eyes glinted yellow in the water and as Hulei reached out to it, it spoke into his mind in a harsh, booming voice "I AM MOI'DANNAU'TATAGA HEED ME" and Hulei was frozen in fear at the sight of the sodden god.

The next time he spoke, the water shimmered, the trees rustled, the stones on the shore shook and the birds in the trees took flight. After this, he spoke again "THESE ARE THE WORDS OF POWER, SAINTLY SIN'SHA'HALLA" and the wave fell back to the sea, the sky was dark and the god was gone, Sin'Sha'Halla shook, tears ran down his face, meeting the salty sea below him.

Words of power[edit]

At once he snapped out of it and ran up to the village, finally when he reached the temple it was dawn and the nobles were at their prayers "I have seen a secret god!" proclaimed Sin'Sha'Halla and cast his finger at the landlord. The landlord laughed and said "A god would not show themselves to a kelp farmer!". But Sin'Sha'Hallas mouth opened and out spilled grand words, words of old things, words of power and the nobles fell upon their knees, for only a saint could speak such words and they praised him.


Sin'Sha'Halla is the patron saint of death, mourning, Kelp farmers and Z'Sha he is shown in a yellow cloth, wrapped all around him like a burial shroud, holding his kelp fork (A bident) and raising his left hand to hold a village in his palm, he is invoked against death and by anyone who works with the dead, Kelp farmers and the poor pray to him for safety and prosperity.