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Summoning basics[edit]

Summoning could more correctly be split into two categories, calling, and summoning. Calling is the act of inviting an incorporeal being, gently requesting its presence, normally the best choice if it's not an urgent matter and you don't want to answer to an angry, pained Demon/God/Spirit/etc. The other kind, a true summoning is very dangerous, even if you do it right it's excruciating to the being summoned, and they often seek revenge on the petty mortals who inconvenience them.


Many magical traditions, or cultures, often have one main spell they use to summon beings, whether it's with a circle and candles, or strange words spoken to the dark sky, summoning is often the most arcane, and least understood part of magic.

  • The Gnisiter black calling.
  • Septagammetron.
  • The Hollow speech.
  • Norl'Falhexdron'Eleza's Precise summonings.
  • The Southern Septatrite.
  • The last words of the Cursed Saint.
  • Ma'Klikinteries'Hantasha's calling forth.


Most spells belong to one of three arcane traditions:

  1. "Nahambrah": the summoning of spirits,
  2. "Eluit": the summoning of celestials, and
  3. "Rodendruam": the summoning of Demons and Daemons.

While Nahambra is permitted in most provinces, Rodendruam is prohibited by the house, and Eluit is restricted to callings only, forcing the divine to appear before you is blasphemous.