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Tinzizi Physiology[edit]

The Tinzizi look much like A'Amans, the only hints at their alien parentage are their eyes and their hands. Their eyes sit just a little too far apart on their faces, halfway between looking forward and looking to the side, and their hands are knobby, with long claws they must constantly trim, they have supernatural grace, walking with perfect poise.

Tinzizi Magic[edit]

The Tinzizi are at heart, the Children of someone possessed by a Gri'Helli, while most magicians must make arcane gestures and speak strange words to summon forth magic, the Tinzizi do it like Gri'Helli do, intuitively. When a Tinzizi wants something from across the room, the object comes to them, when they jump, they jump higher and fall slower than anyone could without magic, they can also see into the veil, and can see their ancestors homes in the night sky.

Culture and habits[edit]

Tinzizi are nauseated by bright light, and prefer the same galactic purple and dark black clothes of the Gri'Helli. They are drawn to birds and can speak with them. However, for all their gifts, the Tinzizi are hunted by the house as abominations, demon-spawn. They live in dark sewers and mouldy shacks far from civilization, using their gifts to earn a living.

The Tinzizi are wildly varied, those without the mental fortitude to endure constant horrific visions waste away, battered by their own powers. Those who can enjoy long lives, living on the gloaming edges of civilized life. The grandest of these live for millenia, wandering the countryside or establishing themselves in decrepit manor houses.

Tinzizi of the South[edit]

Perhaps the most famous are the noble Tinzizi of the south, living in vast blackwood manors and attended by uncanny servants. The manors there are only protected by the Gloaming wood, a fast forest of rotting trees and black molds, fell things lurk there, devouring travelers and driving the most unfortunate of them mad.