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The Uncanny Folk are just as their name suggests, peculiar. They hide behind masks made of blackwood, inlaid with gold designs. Uncanny Folk are called "Chiss'Sharama" in the Hampanad language.

The House Perspective[edit]

The House teaches that Uncanny folk are traitors, spirits of impartial earth turned to the wicked ways of the sky spirits, they steal babies and command peculiar animals to attack people. They stay in their wooded villages, plotting to overthrow Na'Hampana and destroy its gods.

The Truth[edit]

While some Uncanny Folk ally themselves with the Gri'Helli many are just impartial wood spirits, who take no side in moral arguments, while some labor for Tinzizi Nobles in their manors in the blackwood, most live in straw huts, practicing their own religion and living in peace.


The Uncanny folk have no real gods, they carve wooden Idols and decorate them with gold they spin from grass (a secret talent). These Idols are imbued with the power of their own spirit, they siphon power into them, storing it like a battery, with their own bodies as generators. When the Uncanny Folk are faced with danger, they draw upon this communal stored power and use it to protect themselves. Unfortunately those who serve Tinzizi can use this same technique to bolster their masters power, turning them into powerful Sorcerers.

As Evocational Patrons[edit]

As patrons individual Uncanny Folk can be called upon to invest power in a Sorcerer from afar, usually in return for a snippet of knowledge about the wider world beyond the forest.