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Aalderdwaer, literally "Ocean-Dwaer," and often shortened to Aalder, is a Dwaerkar dialect and language chiefly spoken in Tielsland and nearby areas. It traces its origins directly to the first Dwaerkar of Borost

Aalderdwaer is the lingua franca of the Dwaerkar freeholds, and the language of choice of academicians and scholars throughout Borost. For this reason, Aalderdwaer is seen as the most influential language of the Dwaerkar.

Compound words[edit | edit source]

Compound words, as in the other Dwaerkar dialects, are common in Aalderdwaer.

The way to identify a relationship in an Aalderdwaer compound word is to regard the Nexus.

The absence of a nexus usually indicates that the Secondary Word, is in some way, a derivative of the Primary Word: Ouwestad, for example, is "Ouwe's City."

Roots[edit | edit source]

A-F[edit | edit source]

  • Aald, harbor, landing [from the Ocean], e.g. Neudenaald, New Harbor.
  • Aalder, Ocean or, rarely, Sea, such as Aalderas, "Ocean-Landing."
  • -as, suffix, arrival or landing in general.
  • -art, suffix, escended of.
  • -ast, suffix, arrived from or arrived with.
  • Ba-, prefix, low or low-lying, such as Bahyrst, "Low-lying Hearth."
  • Baai, bay and rarely firth.
  • Bosse, forest or wooded area, such as Vaalsebossen, "Vaalse's Forest."
  • Bor-, prefix, dark, loanword from Borostimat. Also seeDul.
  • Draer, Dragons.
  • Dwaer, of or related to the Dwaerkar.
  • Dul, dark.
  • -dum, suffix, family or related group, such as Gorthoadum, "Family of Gorthoa."
  • Erl, the Sรญm, or elves.

G-N[edit | edit source]

  • Gund, usually suffix -gund, something from which one derives power.
  • -kar, suffix, -kind, a group of related items, such as Maenkar, "Mankind."
  • Kel, the Lonely God.
  • Kzuel, of or related to the Chtzul people.
  • Hand, group, large family, clan, or chiefdom, such as Chtzulhand, "Chiefdom of the Chtzul."
  • Land, region or territory, such as Tielsland, "Tiel's Land."
  • Hyr and Hyrst, hearth, as in Bahyrst, "Low-lying Hearth."
  • Maen, of or related to Mankind.
  • Mzen, deep or profound.
  • Mzun, extremely deep or profound.
  • Neuden, Needen, new.

O-R[edit | edit source]

  • -ost, large land or territory, such as Hyrost "Great land of the Hearth."
  • Rall, red.
  • Roek, of or related to Rocs, or the Roekkar.

S-Z[edit | edit source]

  • Skoer, village or small settlement, such as Barendskoers, "Barends' village."
  • Slaen, of or related to serpents, especially the Serpent-folk.
  • Stad, generally suffix, city or large township, such as Ouwestad, "Ouwe's City."
  • Vald and Vaald, valley.
  • Taft, usually suffix, final, or the final.