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The Abode of Nalashtannylor is the domain and home of the god Nalashtannylor, located at the tip of the Storm God's Mountains on northern Natelar.

History[edit | edit source]

According to some Natelari myths, the Abode of Nalashtannylor was the cradle of civilisation on Telamon. Before the existence of the Dalmiric pantheon, prehistoric cultures built a series of temples on the mountain tops and were connected by both bridges of earth and stone as a residence for Nalashtannylor.

Several other myths entail that from the river that springs at the base of Nalashtannylor's home, the waters of Chaos flow from the Space In-Between and into the mortal domain. As a result, the Eagle River that flows through modern day Thalgrimhold is considered one of the most sacred rivers in Telamon.

In modern times, devotees of Nalashtannylor frequently make pilgrimages to the base of the mountains of which the Abode is built upon. It is said that only those that Nalashtannylor intends to allow into his dominion can find the way to it, and thus those who try often never find the entrance to the mountain pass. Within Nalashtannylor's abode, there are several items of divine nature; historically, many have tried to permeate the boundaries of his domain without his permission have been annihilated by his wrath.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Nalashtannylor's residence is an extension of Ziana on the mortal domain, and thus it is not uncommon for Deva and Nephilim to frequent Nalashtannylor's halls with his permission.

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