Abyssal End

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The Abyssal End is a region of Irkalla which serves as both the realm and prison of Varagarash Narahil.

Description[edit | edit source]

Located at the deepest pits of Irkalla, the Abyssal End is a wasteland littered with massive blue crystals which grow from the god's enormous body, believed to be his blood in solid form. The World Worm is chained into the realm by gigantic chains of holy energy which restrain him enough that he is unable to leave the area. The River Styx ends in the Abyssal End, pouring into Vargarash's colossal form and burning his flesh like acid.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Lympharian demons are particularly common there, believed to be born out of these crystals and constantly working on keeping the enemies of the bound god at bay. Most demons who don't associate themselves with Varagarash's spheres avoid the region at all costs, as those who fall there typically end up being brainwashed into his servitude.

The souls of those who pledged themselves to the Cult of the Worm in life end up in the Abyssal End after death, chained into the cavernous walls of the realm much like their god.

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