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Unique in nearly all the world is the elf nation of Afolion, other elf homes were either corrupted, over-run or naturally isolated during the orc wars. But Afolion chose a different path, Its members building a great wall blocking off their territory. Beyond the wall in the elf homes proper life is as it has always been. Young elves are tested and raised to the utmost of perfection. But within the wall city and the surrounding lands true elves and partial elves live as other nations do with cities, agriculture and technology.

The Afolion Wall[edit | edit source]

Like a mountain range the Afolion Wall rises up from the foot hills of forested terraces and canals. Waterfalls, mist, trees and rainbows seem to frame every structure and tower of the city. Stones have been set on stone so artfully fitted that not a single grain of grout can be seen. This ancient stone work has been set to make sweeping bridges, twisting aqueducts and little brooks and lakes full of fish. The waterways alternately are surrounded by willows and trees, smoothly polished stones perfect for sitting or moss of the most luxurious softness.

Butterflies, song birds and 'wild' animals are everywhere in the city. The streets are like the perfectly sculpted best of nature trails and tiled plazas together as one. Every street corner turns onto a picturesque vista. Every alley ends in a delicately lit grotto or grove.

The buildings are like the soaring majesty of cliffs and mountains but softened by greenery. The spires alternating so that through the course of the day every corner of the city has its moment bathed in radiant sun.

One can be so awed by the apparent comfort and majesty of the city of the Afolion Wall that they fail to realize the complete lack of stairs, ladders or any noticeable aides for vertical motion. The local elves find climbing seemingly sheer cliffs as easy as a casual stroll after all.

There are also no signs to give direction, clocks or time keepers of any kind.

Non-elves in Afolion consistently die of starvation, dehydration, exposure or falling related injuries without local guidance.

The Preserve[edit | edit source]

Beyond the wall are the lands of the true elves. A rugged maze of twisting canyons, white rapid rivers, massive forests and chaotic weather. With momentary hillsides of peace and calm around the bend from howling winds and treacherous slopes. It is into this cruel wilderness that every true elf infant of Afolion is taken by a small council of elders (one of which may be their mother) to be honed and polished into the true nature of their people. Although not strictly forbidden from individual outsiders the Preserve is a hostile place in the extreme.

Within the preserve even the animals are fiercer, more dangerous, rugged and intelligent. Honed and shaped by the endless trials of the elves.

Any attempts to 'tame' or 'defile' the purity of the preserve is considered a war crime by the nation of Afolion to be met with swift and absolute retribution on the homelands and families of the offenders. Afolion has gone to war many times in defense of the sanctity of their preserve. Its Neighbors are riddled with ruins and wastelands as reminders and scars of these transgressions.

Political Landscape[edit | edit source]

Afolion's residents consider themselves extremely progressive, as they entertain such things as agriculture, tool making, city building and trade. Other elf home (if they are aware of the nation at all) consider Afolion a borderline abomination or view it with jealousy for having gotten the necessary head start to build a nation first. It is ruled by a council of elder true elves also called high elves with an occasional representative of a partial elf (also called low-elves) managing to ascend and hold a position every few thousand years before they succumb to old age.

Although there are no survivors on the council from the original founding of the wall city it is believed that there may be one or two individuals of that age living in the wilderness of the preserve.

The purpose of the nation and its government is the protection and preservation of the elf home surrounded by its borders. All trade, legal discourse, judiciary and military concerns stem from that founding principle.

Tensions occasionally rise among the more numerous low-elf demographics, but the leadership of the council considers them much like the tide and simply outlasts and endures them as a necessity to make the surroundings of the nation function in preserving the lucky few true-elves that can be raised in the preserve.

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