Ahmalhrich Stormsword

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Ahmalhrich Stormsword was an ancient human barbarian-king who was responsible for unifying the human tribes at the east of modern day country Mannazei (continent of Aurelia) in 940 AL (Calendar of Lechner).

History[edit | edit source]

Ahmalhrich Stormsword gathered during his life a massive horde of human tribes who were lately the human founders of Mannazei. This land were previously of Aithrena elves, but Ahmalhrich commanded his horde through the lands of the Aithrena elves in order to claim the region for themselves and shatter elven dominion in the northwestern region of Aurelia, the eastern continent.

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Cult[edit | edit source]

Ahmalhrich is often regarded as the greatest hero of the Mannazeian people and is the subject of much hero and ancestor worship, granted a cultural significance similar to a god, even though he died centuries before the region of Mannazei became a single country under a unified government.

To many elves he is seen as a symbol of rebellion and a manifestation of the follies of elven hubris and arrogance, while also regarded as a fierce warmonger and is generally considered to be more antagonistic than how modern Mannazeians often depict him.

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