Ainé, the Exiled King

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph
Ainé Gailhaid
File:Ainé, the Exiled King.jpg
Portait of Ainé, King of Tirsos.
Reign23 Gasbeek +528 to present.
PredecessorAilás Gailhaid
Born27 Yndelft 482
SpouseMainá Gailhaid
HouseHouse of Gailhaid
FatherAilás Gailhaid
MotherGailá Gailhaid

Ainé Gailhaid, King of Tirsos, First of His Name, and universally known as the Exiled King, and also as the Crownless King, is the primary claimant to the throne of Tirsos.

In the War of the Ten Claims, Ainé has secured the help of most of the Tirsos city guard, as well as the majority of the armed forces. Nonetheless, his foe is a skilled user of surreptitious methods, for which reason he has escaped Tirsos for the safety of Baobhinn Palace.