Anian von Aschenbrener

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Watch your tongue, whelp, lest you forget whose blood predates yours... All in this land, all that you see and rule over, is mine. You exist because of me. I do not make requests; I make demands, and you will follow them. Because believe me when I say, I know thousands of ways to make a man realize death can be a blessing.
โ€” Anian, to an insubordinate baron

Anian von Aschenbrener, born Anian Meidner, is an ancient human from Thamrantha, the land now known as Duskwood, who rules as the immortal countess of the vampire baronies who rule that region today. The wife of Varelos von Aschenbrener, she embraced undeath in exchange for power when he made a pact with Analuhati, the demon lord of forbidden knowledge, and rules the land with a firm fist.

History[edit | edit source]

The Meidner family were part of the human-based second-class nobility of Thamrantha while it was ruled by the Aithrena elves. Born at 1659 3E as the third child out of six, she spent most of her early life together with her mother, who was a student in the arts of fire magic. She would meet Varelos Aschenbrener during a festival and the two quickly fell in love with another due to their shared interests. Over the following decades, Varelos influenced Anian with his desire for power above all else, leading her to follow in his steps and commune with demons, eventually earned her an audience with the terrible Analuhati, the demon lord of forbidden knowledge. Making a deal with the demon, Anian and Varelos made what is called the Blood Pact with Analuhati, gaining immense power in exchange of being transformed into the first bloodline of Analuhatean vampires.

Now naming themselves the von Aschenbrener bloodline, Varelos and Anian passed the vampire curse to the rest of their families and soon enough vampirism was spreading across the land, causing humans and elves alike to become creatures of the night under the service of the self-proclaimed Count von Aschenbrener. Survivors were either subjugated or fled the region, and Varelos proceeded to unleash his final demonstration of power by casting a ritual which plunged the region into a state of perpetual night; so was Duskwood born. The newly proclaimed count of the land of night officialized the birth of this dark nation by asking Anian's hand in marriage, promising to not rest until they both ruled the whole world side-by-side.

Features[edit | edit source]

Anian is a being who radiates a presence of eerie beauty and intimidation; her pale gray skin is devoid of imperfections, with combined with her tendency to cover her face in white make-up leads many to commenting she appears almost doll-like from a distance. Her ears grew pointed upon taking the vampire curse, and her long wavy hair is white with red marks, much like her eyes, which are a blood red colour and shaped like those of a feline. She is typically seen wearing a suit which includes a tight corset which leaves her cleavage visible, though closer inspection would reveal said corset is actually metallic armor. She is an extremely powerful sorceress, basing her powers around fire spells, and her weapon of choice, Flame of Perdition, is a rapier imbued with terrifying fire magics, with a thrust of her hand allowing it to blast a jet of flames to incinerate any who oppose her.

Anian is a highly ambitious and power-hungry individual; she is rarely satisfied with what she has and constantly demands more, from mundane needs to desiring to dominate all men and elves so that they may bow before her and her beloeved; Varelos sees himself as rightful king of all men and elves, and Anian supports him in his goals wholeheartedly, dreaming of a day where they may rule over all together. She takes a much more active role in the affairs of the vampire counts and barons than her husband, taking the opportunities she has to learn of gossips, praise successful servants and intimidate dissidents into place. While she holds no contempt to the living in particular, she has little interest in the needs of the non-undead peasants of her nation, believing they should be able to handle themselves if they wish to live under her wing.

Anian's mount is a zombie pegasus named Dreadwing, which serves as her primary means of transportation.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Allies
    • Varelos von Aschenbrener - Anian's love for Varelos is eternal and undying, and she would do anything in the world to make him happy.
  • Ambivalent
    • N/A
  • Enemies
    • N/A

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