Annex:List of creatures of Philippines mythology

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  • Alan (Filipinas) - Winged humanoid that steals reproductive waste to make children.
  • Aswang (Filipinas) - Carrion-eating humanoid
  • Bakunawa (Filipinas) - Sea serpent that causes eclipses
  • Batibat (Filipinas) - Female night-demon
  • Diwata (Filipinas) - Tree spirit
  • Duwende (Filipinas) - Little people, some are house spirits, others nature spirits
  • Ekek (Filipinas) – Flesh-eating, winged humanoids
  • Engkanto (Filipinas) - neutral nature spirit
  • Hantu Demon (Filipinas) – Demon
  • Ibong Adarna (Filipinas) - Bird that changes color each time it finishes a song
  • Kapre (Filipinas) - Malevolent tree spirit
  • Kumakatok (Filipinas) - Death spirits
  • Manananggal (Filipinas mythology) - Vampires that sever their torsos from their legs to fly around
  • Minokawa (Filipinas) - Giant swallow
  • Nuno (Filipinas) - Malevolent little people
  • Penanggalan (Filipinas) - Vampires that sever their heads from their bodies to fly around, usually with their intestines or other internal organs trailing behind
  • Pugot (Filipinas) - Headless humanoid
  • Santelmo (Filipinas) - Spirits in a form of fireball, roaming around the forest
  • Sarimanok (Filipinas) - Bird of good fortune
  • Sigbin (Filipinas) - Goat-like vampire
  • Tigmamanukan (Filipinas) - an Asian fairy bluebird believed in as part of Filipinas mythology
  • Tikbalang (Filipinas) - Anthropomorphic hors
  • Tiyanak (Filipinas) - Malevolent spirit in the form of a human infant[r 1].

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