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The Failed Dream[edit | edit source]

Sometimes a human is enamored with the allure of being a wizard, or inspired/obsessed with wizardry for its own sake. But they lack a specific focus or kernel of obsession, genius or innovative inspiration to forge a true secret around.

These unfortunate individuals end up becoming a kind of generalist, they may be imbued with many magical powers attributed to wizardry but instead of having a singular honed ideal that can be expanded to encompass more and more abilities an Apprentice or Faux Wizard will never develop more abilities than the set portfolio of singular tricks they possess from the start of their ascension. Furthermore mock wizards are often plagued with terrible memories and find difficulty in learning or developing any new skills. They are sometimes taken in by others (either true wizards or others that might wish to exploit them) but rarely have the means to maintain any position of authority or even reliably care for themselves.

They often end up as little more than serfs in fancy clothes although a rare few find ways to compensate for their poor memory and stagnated magical abilities through the use of journals and application of other magics in addition to their repertoire.

An apprentice on death may become a Familiar but they are usually a significantly reduced and weak one, if they manage to form one at all.

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