Archangels (Firmament)

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph

Archangels are extremely powerful and unique angels who have elevated themselves to the position of demigods. Each rules of an entire realm of the great plane of Ziana and maintains a following of worshippers through the Firmament, which includes mortals, lesser angels and all other celestial beings who would associate themselves with them.

Known archangels[edit | edit source]

  • Eostraeya, the Lady of Flowers - archangel of fertility, growth, generosity and hope
  • Kumyus, the Lord of the Woods - archangel of agriculture, hunting and community
  • Saz'giras, the Risen Devil - archangel of redemption, forgiveness and self-awareness
  • Thea Nee'hara, the Sweet Defender - archangel of protection, fairness and pleasant dreams
  • ? - archangel of charity
  • ? - archangel of chastity
  • ? - archangel of diligence
  • ? - archangel of humility
  • ? - archangel of kindness
  • ? - archangel of patience
  • ? - archangel of temperance

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