Artifacts (Firmament)

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An artifact is an item or object of legendary history, power and/or properties.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Bladed weapons[edit | edit source]

Name: Deadslice

Type: Cutlass

Status: Active

Wielder: N'hali Brineheart

Deadslice is an enchanted cutlass wielded by the undead pirate N'hali Brineheart. Looted from the elves of Taelen in a raid, the cutlass holds in it powerful unholy energies which manifest as deathly cold blue flame. A swing of the blade is enough to send out a blast of unholy fire which can freeze opponents solid.

Name: Dwarf Slicers

Type: Dual longswords

Status: Active

Wielder: Khrat Skull-Splitter

The Dwarf Slicers are a pair of enchanted and serrated longswords made out of adamantine wielded by Khrat Skull-Splitter, one of the greater warlords of Skitterfall. The Slicers - Beardrender and Thingkiller - are specifically designed to cause as much pain as possible to their targets by burning them with Irkallan energies in each strike. As their name implies, they are particularly effective at killing dwarves, who suffer even greater damage from them than other races.

Name: Flame of Perdition

Type: Rapier

Status: Active

Wielder: Anian von Aschenbrener

Flame of Perdition is the personal weapon of Anian von Aschenbrener, vampire queen of Duskwood. This rapier, fashioned by the most skilled blacksmiths of Duskwood, is able to launch jets of flame from its tip at every thrust.

Name: Haemophagist

Type: Longsword

Status: Active

Wielder: Fallows Zayne

The Haemophagist is a dreaded black sword crafted by the demon smiths of Analuhati and decorated with twisted thorns around its handle. It can cut through any materials at the cost of drawing some of the wielder's blood, and those harmed by its blade are subject to permanently bleed from the wound, with no known means to make it stop, until the victim dies of blood loss. It is currently wielded by Pirate King Fallows Zayne, a vampire independent of Analuhati's servants.

Name: King of Butchers

Type: Greataxe

Status: Active

Wielder: Nugkroc Gorepunch

The King of Butchers is a massive greatxe wielded by Nugkroc Gorepunch, self-proclaimed ruler of the Ogrelands. Legends claim the ogre lord received this artifact as a gift from the demon lord Druacath, though others believe he may have simply found it by accident, leading to its true origins being a mystery. The greataxe is made from masterwork adamantine and can cut through virtually any armor, which combined with Nugkroc's immense strength means he can cleave an ogre in two with a single strike.

Name: Realmcleaver




Realmcleaver is a big dumb

Name: Thamrantha's Demise

Type: Greatsword

Status: Active

Wielder: Varelos von Aschenbrener

Thamrantha's Demise is the weapon of Varelos von Aschenbrener, the fearsome vampire lord of Duskwood. Gifted to him by Analuhati as part of his deal with the demon lord, the blade is able to consume the souls of those it slays, and transfer their agony to those struck by it later, causing unimaginable pain to all but the toughest of beings.

Name: Tooth of Drascasur

Type: Greatsword

Status: Unknown

Wielder: Unknown

The Tooth of Drascasur is a malevolent greatsword said to be imbued with the malice of Drascasur himself. Myths surrounding the blade entail that this was indeed the tooth of the dark god, broken off after gnawing at the core of the world. Over time, ancient kings and warriors believed this weapon was a symbol of their divine right to rule, although the evil of Drascasur drove them to become tyrannical and ruthless conquerors. The more blood that the tooth tasted, the more it refashioned itself into a blade. These myths were old tales by the time of the Aurelian Empire, and no being knows where it is now. Those with the magical power were said to be able to carve into the very fabric of time and open up the depths of Irkalla with a single slash.

Name: Twin Deaths

Type: Dual daggers

Status: Unknown

Wielder: Unknown

The Twin Deaths are a pair of curved, serrated daggers - known as Gasp and Whisper - which are said to have been created from the fangs of a powerful psychopomp who was slain in ages past. These blades have the ability to not only easily cut through metal but also directly attack the enemy's soul, causing grievous damage with each strike. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

Name: Warswords of Blazes

Type: Dual longswords

Status: Active

Wielder: Ermek Trughs

The Warswords of Blazes are the ancestral runic longswords of the dwarven Clan Ermek, made up of two blades named Breldikig's Fury and Hurgrih's Wrath. These blades are imbued with runes which hold in them the power of fire, and a swing of these weapons is able to create powerful blasts of flame; these weapons have been passed down the Thanes of Clan Ermek for generations.

Blunt weapons[edit | edit source]

Name: Verminlord's Demand

Type: Flail

Status: Active

Wielder: Vetch of Ten-Thousand Plagues

The Verminlord's Demand is a flail gifted to Vetch of Ten-Thousand Plagues by the demon lord Skanqrak. It serves both as a potent weapon and as a magic catalyst from which the loathsome Pestilent Priest casts his spells. The flail's sickening aura of pestilence is enough to send the average man comatose from its stench alone, and a strike at unarmored flesh rots it away in seconds.

Name: Wrath of Nuyah

Type: Mace

Status: Active

Wielder: Sidhannit

The Wrath of Nuyah is the mace of Sidhannit, the Dalmiric goddess of war and destruction. Several ancient myths regarding Sidhannit's mace say that it was the weapon that broke apart Natelar into several islands. The truth behind this is not supported, but with Sidhannit's godly strength, there are not many beings in the Firmament that can withstand its swing.

Pole weapons[edit | edit source]

Name: Talon of the Sun

Type: Spear

Status: Active

Wielder: Talusakhmankharun

The Talon of the Sun is a divine weapon hewn out of the surface of the sun by Soldalatel herself. It was bequeathed to Talusakhmankharun several millennia ago. Those that wield the Talon of the Sun are said to herald future generations of mortals to survive against the wars against the gods.

Name: Trident of the Storm King

Type: Trident

Status: Active

Wielder: Nalashtannylor

The Trident of the Storm King is the coveted artifact and iconographic weapon of the god Nalashtannylor. It is a symbol of Nalashtannylor's dominion over the mortal realm and his power over nature itself; only Nalashtannylor may rightfully wield the Trident.

Apparel[edit | edit source]

Armor[edit | edit source]

Name: Drascasuri Armour

Type: Full suit

Status: Active

Wielder: Skaurovirn

Drascasuri Armour is craft of armour wielded by the Skaurovirn. Possessing some of the most aberrant magics known to mortals within Telamon, Drascasuri Armour is built out of the refined ore that taints the nature of the Skaurovirn mountains. The armour is frequently enchanted by dark magics that instil a higher level of resistance than normal. Non-Skaurovirn that attempt the armour suffer from physical and psychological torture that results in a slow and excruciating death.

Shields[edit | edit source]

Magic catalysts[edit | edit source]

Staves[edit | edit source]

Name: All-Knowing

Type: Staff

Status: Unknown

Wielder: Unknown

The All-Knowing is a staff which has changed hands many times through history, with all of its wielders being mortal champions of the demon lord Analuhati. This black and spiked staff, ending in a black stone decorated with the image of eyes, is greatly attuned to Sanguine Hill and allows the wielder to summon demons from that realm more easily than common summoning magic, beyond amplifying magical abilities based on darkness. Its current whereabouts are unknown.

Name: Rod of Bloody Murder

Type: Staff

Status: Active

Wielder: Madiiraxen Sunbane

The Rod of Bloody Murder is a staff sacred to the Mirselen pantheon, as one of the unholy items of the dark god Sethneas. Wielded by the Dark Elf queen Madiiraxen Sunbane, this staff allows for the manipulation of an incredible amount of dark and blood magic, in order to cast spells powerful enough to erase entire regiments from a battlefield. Notably, any being not favoured by Sethneas who touches the Rod is immediately and gruesomely turned inside out.

Others[edit | edit source]

Name: Crown of the Worm Father

Type: Crown

Status: Destroyed

Wielder: N/A

The Crown of the Worm Father was a demonic crown worn by the first Master Apostle of the Cult of the Worm. According to legend, the Crown allowed them to directly contact Varagarash Narahil and spread his imposing influence to all those in close proximity, brainwashing them into servitude of the malevolent god. The Crown is widely agreed to have been destroyed with the fall of the old Cult of the Worm, for despite their efforts, their modern incarnation has never found any traces of it.

Name: Drascasuri Runestone

Type: Runic stone

Status: One in use

Wielder: Annamasakkan

A Drascasuri Runestone is an ancient artifact of demonic origin. Skaurovirn have used these stones in ancient history as catalysts for powerful sorcerous magic, although as the millennia have gone by, many of these stones have been lost along with their bearers. They are used through incising and embedding it within the flesh of its wielder. Annamasakkan is one of the last wielders of a Drascasuri Runestone, although he pertains that his is in fact damaged and only works at a much lower magnitude than the Skaurovirn of old could manage.

Name: Great Book of Grudges

Type: Book

Status: Active

Wielder: Jalaric Hreithar II

The Great Book of Grudges is a mythical holy book which belongs to the Lord-Thane of Khargrimnir, created by the dwarven god Hurgrih and passed down to all Lord-Thanes since the very first. This indestructible and extremely heavy book exists so that the Lord-Thane may record the greatest offenses done towards the dwarven race, and strike them out when they are finally settled and avenged. None but the royal family of Khargrimnir has access to the Great Book, though during times of war, the Lord-Thane is known to carry the book into combat, yelling out its contents to the dwarven armies in order to encourage them in battle.

Name: Holy Grail

Type: Goblet

Status: Active

Wielder: N/A

The Holy Grail is a legendary goblet said to hold within it the blood of Isiris. It was gifted to Theobald the Just, the founder of Aynach, by the deva Naariel. Those who drink from the Grail are said to become superhumans, stronger, faster, tougher and longer-lived than the average man. The artifact is currently in the possession of the Order of the All-Seeing Knights.

Name: Incircumscriptus

Type: Book

Status: Active

Wielder: Analuhati

The Incircumscriptus is the unholy tome of the demon lord Analuhati. This book is said to hold in it a perfect record of everything that has happened up to the current point in history, whenever that may be. It is said that non-divine beings who attempt to read from the Incircumscriptus go insane over revelations of the universe that break down reality as mortal sees it, though Analuhati never allows anyone but himself to gaze upon the book's contents. Other legends claim the book is actually made up entirely of falsehoods so convincing they appear real, to the point not even the gods can tell the difference.

Name: Rat King's Pillar

Type: Stalagmite

Status: Active

Wielder: N/A

The Rat King's Pillar is an enormous stalagmite of pure demonic rock which was thrust into the Material Plane by Skanqrak during the First Era, which he used to corrupt the ratfolk into their current state. The Pillar is held at the deepest reaches of Skitterfall City, and none but the Council of Clans and the most prestigious of all Pestilent Priests is allowed to even gaze at it, for it is the most sacred object of all ratman faith. The entire structure is filled with baleful runes written in Infernal language which serve as the demon lord's commandments.