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Power? Power is an illusion. Mortalkind vies and toil over it; the illusion of status, the illusion of control. Ultimately, you wish for your own slice of order in a universe of anarchy. And you pray to me, believing I can help. I can, in that matter. But few understand the reality of the situation.
โ€” Asv-Aldz

Asv-Aldz is the demon lord of wealth, power, bargains and treachery. His symbol is the golden coin; a marker of currency and wealth.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Asv-Aldz appears as a humanoid insect, with an exoskeleton of pure gold and often enshrouded with regalia encrusted with precious metals and jewels. His figure is generally slim and lithe, and most iconography regarding him sits him upon a simple stone throne. The nature of his insectoid form varies from culture to culture, though it is usually either that of a cockroach or a beetle. He is also depicted with an immense reptile-like tongue that hangs down to his chest, often his mouth contorted to a delightful and malevolent grin.

History[edit | edit source]

Asv-Aldz has been present in the history of the world since before the recording of history; it is thought that some Aurelian tribes were once worshippers of Asv-Aldz in accordance with some ancient myths regarding their culture, although they were likely extinguished from civilisation before the Aurelian Empire even formed. Asv-Aldz has been the driving force behind several evil beings; frequently bequeathing riches, immortality or both in exchange for their soul. Almost all of the deaths of these beings have been notoriously ironic or violent, earning Asv-Aldz a reputation as one of the more malevolent of the demon lords that traverse the Firmament. Regardless of the obviously detrimental nature of these bargains, mortals are nevertheless swayed by the words of Asv-Aldz, as his will easily overpowers theirs.

Realm[edit | edit source]

The Court of Liars is the Irkalla domain of Asv-Aldz, a small but surreal domain that exhibits a nature similar to that of the Material Plane, although uncannily unnerving to the mortal eye. Whilst Asv-Aldz is the omnipotent ruler of his own domain, several demonic beings represent a hierarchy that embodies the physical Court of Liars, who act as a form of judgement in his mockery of an underworld. The souls that are owned by Asv-Aldz live in the tyrannical nature of the Court; as they are immortal, they are frequently subject to whimsically irrelevant laws that are enforced with equally unusual punishments. The demons that inhabit the Court of Liars are ravenous for wealth, and upon entry of the realm will senselessly hunt anything of particular wealth to them.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Asv-Aldz is a widely despised Demon Lord for his deceptive lure and intelligence that has subjected other deities to his whims. He hates Aldirei the most; as the embodiment of deception and treachery, Aldirei's just and virtuous nature is mocked by Asv-Aldz and his followers, and it is usually to his amusement for his followers to steal from Aldirei's own. Much like most demon lords, his revulsion over Skanqrak forces distance between the two. His organisation and intelligence is often misconstrued as cowardice by other deities, although lesser demon lords have also fallen to Asv-Aldz' guile in the past. Due to the scheming nature of Asv-Aldz, he is sometimes at odds with Analuhati.

Cult of Asv-Aldz[edit | edit source]

Asv-Aldz is a patron of deceivers and thieves; a number of criminal organisations and bandit groups across the world carry small idols of Asv-Aldz as a charm of good luck. Whilst he is seen as a benefactor of success by most in the mortal world, Asv-Aldz is a deity of a considerably cruel and evil ilk; those who are more educated in demonology know that Asv-Aldz is in fact a deity to be feared by those who engage in unscrupulous activity. Like a number of demon lords, true organised religion for Asv-Aldz is not existent, though unlike the more outwardly malevolent deities, it is not uncommon to see idols of Asv-Aldz as 'benevolent' decorations.

Clergy[edit | edit source]

Priesthood under Asv-Aldz is somewhat of a misnomer; whilst a number of priests of any religion are devoted and celibate, Asv-Aldz encourages wrongdoing among his numbers and illegal accumulation of wealth is considered a pleasing ritual. For the most part, Asv-Aldz is independent as a deity and only communes with those who summon him - these are often maligned mercenaries and thieves who acquire power through his divinity. As Asv-Aldz is underestimated in his general malevolence across the world, those who worship him rarely shy away.

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