Atandos Birdfolk

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph

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The Atandos Birdfolk are a noble race of avian hunters that inhabit the canopy of the Teleria Seasonless Forest. They have made a pact with the ancient vampires of the forest to protect the environment and in return the vampires keep other interlopers at bay. The result has been a long and happy marriage between the two races but very few members of either group leave the forest and little is known about either race beyond their borders. The Atandos pride themselves on their magnificent plumage which is often used for ceremonies and social interaction.

They are the bird-like indigenous people of Teleria. They have unique life cycles during which their bodies go through phases that change their appearance partially or wholly. Their perch-walking ability allows them to move with great versatility when gravity is a factor.

The Atandos Birdfolk have a talent for shamanism as well as aerial combat, and they are the guardians of the Teleria Seasonless Forest. They are skilled bird-riders, and their birds are their weapons.

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