Attack on the Golden Tower

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph
File:Golden Tower of Ouwestad.jpeg
The Golden Tower of Ouwestad, the location of the terrorist attack.

The Attack on the Golden Tower was a terrorist operation conducted by the Guardians of the Night. An agent of the group, Cylian Lynwyd, infiltrated the Golden Palace of Ouwestad and attempted to murder the Chief of Ouwestad and his family. The event resulted in the deaths of twelve of the Dwaerkar, including the heir apparent Zark Ÿzerhand and his sibling Keden Ÿzerhand.

Lynwyd was eventually captured as part of Keris Ÿzerhand's campaign against the Guardians of the Night. A tribunal sentenced him to death for Grand Murder, and the sentence was carried out by Keris himself.

Keris cites this event as the moment in which he recognized the Dwaerkar oppression of the Borostím. Upon becoming Chief, he adopted a fatherly attitude towards the Borostím, and guided the Fatherhood in a new direction.