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This can be consfused with the continent: Dryadala of Telamon.

Aurelia is the largest continent of the world of Telamon. Located to the east, this landmass is perhaps the most densely populated, with a variety of species and nations rising and falling over the course of history. It has historically been the seat of some of the greatest empires Telamon has ever seen.

History[edit | edit source]

What is generally regarded as the beginnings of history on Aurelia start with the Old Aurelian Empire, around 10,200 years ago. If the legends of ancient Aurelia are to be believed, the Aurelian Empire formed after a unification of prehistoric city states bounded together usually under the premise of divine intervention. The first known city of the Aurelian Empire, Hursanu was constructed around ten millennia ago in what is known as modern day Khiya. The First Era of Telamon is defined by the Aurelian Empire's reign over the known world; ruins of cities from the Aurelian Empire can be located as far east as Khiya and far west as Gemmaushia - a majority of southern cities of modern Aurelia are built over ancient Aurelian ruins. A multitude of races across southern Aurelia became part of Aurelian rule as they conquered innumerable forgotten tribes and kingdoms.

Timeline of civilization[edit | edit source]

First Era
  • Old Aurelian Empire (200 BE1 - c.2600 1E)
    • Middle Aurelian Empire (c. 2600 1E - c.4450 1E)
      • Late Aurelian Empire (c. 4450 1E - 4921 1E)
Second Era
  • Kiyamanid Kingdom (c. 20 2E - c. 2380 2E)
  • Solar Empire of Aurseleth (c. 35 2E - Present Day)
  • Gemmaushian Kingdom (c. 50 2E - 1779 2E)
  • Dynasties of Aren (c. 100 2E - 1725 2E)
    • Dynasties of Terus (1725 2E - 449 3E)
      • Terusian Empire (449 3E - 2202 3E)
Third Era

Nations[edit | edit source]

  • Aynach - A nation of knights in shining armor dedicated to chivalry and goodness, Aynach, is a kingdom of Humans who follows the will of their mythical Veiled Lady. Its military prowess, emphasis on chivalry and welcoming demeanor to outsiders is famed across the land.
  • Duskwood - Cursed with an eternal night, Duskwood is an entire nation ruled by vampires. Its peasants live in fear and oppression as monstrous undead prowl the wilderness, while haughty vampire barons and counts plot against each other in bids of power.
  • Eryliana - Centered around the volcano of Mount Gavakar, Eryliana is the home of the Ashen Elves. Considered the bulwark of Aurelia against the dangers of Gromkazul, the Fyasan are famed for having tamed the fearsome fire drakes of the region, using them as mounts in battle.
  • Gemmaushia - An ancient empire in the south of Aurelia, Gemmaushia is a nation of old traditions and even older architecture, and is considered one of the more exotic regions of Aurelia.
  • Isem-Ankharset - A nation encompassing the southern tip of the south-central desert of Aurelia. This former colony of Sakhep-khemen is now inhabited by spiteful and territorial mummies who long for the days they were living.
  • Khargrimnir - The homeland of the Dwarves and one of the oldest nations of the world, Khargrimnir spans the World's Pinnacle Mountains. The Dwarves are a hardy, stubborn and vengeful folk, though those who manage to earn their trust will never find a more loyal ally.
  • Khiya - An empire in the easternmost periphery of Aurelia, Khiya is a slaver nation based on aristocratic wealth and brutal oppression of a vast slave populace. Khiya is a nation of selfish and dangerous individuals vying for more power.
  • Mannazei
  • Manis - A government of slavers in the deserts of Aurelia, Manis is a nation of harsh climate and even harsher rulers, with strange and supernatural occurrences plaguing the politicians.
  • Merovaren - The desert home of the Lizardfolk, Merovaren is a land of trade; after essentially unifying Aurelia with the trade network known as the Sandy Roads, Merovaren has become arguably the largest trading hub of the world, with contacts across the entire continent and beyond.
  • Ogrelands - This battered land, not considered a nation as much as a patch of unconquered space, is the homeland of the fearsome Ogres. In this region, food is hard to come by and water is sparse, causing its gluttonous inhabitants to make do with whatever they can steal from other regions.
  • Ontrea - A nation of fertile soil and cities built on high ground, Ontrea is a country of a militant nature that emphasises efficiency and loyalty to its gods above all things.
  • Sakhep-khemen - A mighty empire land of Pharaohs and pyramids.
  • Skitterfall - The subterranean empire of the Rakash and former ratfolk, Skitterfall is among the greatest threats to the world. This conglomeration of tunnels and ruined fortresses spans across Aurelia and Gromkazul, with hordes of ravenous ratmen seeking to destroy all of the surface land in the name of their vile demon god.
  • Tuaben - A prosperous country based on the arts, Tuaben is one of the cultural centres of Telamon and is known for its scenic cities, wealthy civilians and rich intake of culture.
  • Unconquered Isles

Native races[edit | edit source]

  • Aurelians - The High Elves of Telamon, the Aurelians were an extraordinarily ancient culture regarded by some as the first civilisation in the world and for what the continent is named after. Several cities across southern Aurelia are built on the foundations of ancient Aurelian cities. Aurelians are regarded in the modern ages for their brilliant architecture, magical knowledge and military might.
  • Crocodilians - Monstrous humanoid crocodiles found across the marshlands of Aurelia, the Crocodilians are a savage people with a distaste for outsiders. They come in various shapes and sizes, with each possessing a specific role in their society.
  • Duergars - A cruel offshot of the dwarves, the duergars are rampant slavers who hate all races in the surface. Ruling over subterranean portions of eastern Aurelia, these dark creatures are not to be trifled with.
  • Dwarves - One of the oldest races of the world, the Dwarves are a stout people fond of hard labour, industry and alcoholic merrymaking. Known for their long memories, they never forgive those who wrong them, and likewise always ensure all debts are paid in kind to their allies.
  • Elves - Thought to be the first children of the Primordials, the Elves are among the most important races of Telamon. Formerly unified under the World Tree Eondrassla, today they have become four distinct cultures which inhabit the four corners of the world. Ashen Elves, Dark Elves, High Elves, Wood Elves.
  • Gnomes - An offshot of Dwarves born from an accident involving the Plane of Earth, Gnomes are small, energetic and proactive creatures. Their boundless enthusiasm and interest in innovation makes them stand out from their conservative Dwarven siblings.
  • Goblins - Savage, green-skinned pests of the countryside, goblins love violence and tormenting other races whenever possible. These cruel little creatures are found in most parts of Aurelia, serving as a constant pain to the authorities of many nations.
  • Kobolds - Native to the subterranean reaches of Aurelia, the kobolds are a race of dragon-worshipping reptilians with an affinity for trapmaking and very inflated egos. They often seek dragons to serve, or other races to bully into submission.
  • Humans - Famed for their boundless ambition, Humans emerged in Aurelia but have spread to most continents of Telamon. Whether warriors, scholars, priests or artisans, Humans are found everywhere and fulfilling all possible roles in whatever society they pledge allegiance to.
  • Lizardfolk - Shrewd businessmen native to the Great Sea of Sand, the Lizardfolk are a race of humanoid skinks who have made a large impact in the continent thanks to their efforts to unify the continent under their trading networks of the Sandy Roads.
  • Ogres - A race who suffers from constant hunger, the ogres are a barbaric and fractured people who desires only more food, wealth and violence, much to the chagrin of everyone neighbouring their territory. Their tribes are among the most common problems of the wilderness in the continent.
  • Rakash - Servants of the demon lord Skanqrak, the Rakash are a shrieking and hateful horde of abominations who swarm the subterranean reaches of Aurelia, desiring only to destroy and devour the surface world in the name of their demonic patron.
  • Ratfolk - Corrupted by the demon lord Skanqrak in ancient times, most of the ratfolk became Rakash, and even in modern days is not strange that the remaining Ratfolk welcome these abominations to their infested setttlements.
  • Serpentfolk - The stern guardians of Serpent's Throne, the serpentfolk toil day and night to serve the will of their god, Almonohuim. Most who seek them out never return to tell the tale.
  • Vampires - are a type of cursed, intelligent undead who are characterized by great power and a thirst for blood.

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