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Aurseleth is a country situated on the eastern periphery of Aurelia. The homeland of the Auroral Elves, Aurseleth is built upon the foundations of the later Aurelian Empire, and in ancient times was ruled by the last of the Aurelian kings. Aurseleth is a nation of rich cultural heritage, exceptional craftsmanship and of historical importance as one of the centres of ancient civilisation on Telamon.

History[edit | edit source]

Aurseleth was originally founded as one of the last surviving provinces of the Aurelian-controlled continent upon the turn of the Second Era; although the last years of the Aurelian culture was contested and is usually marked by the Sack of Arcadia in 98 2E. The nascent Aurseleth peoples formed from ethnic mixture of the Aurelians and indeterminate elvish cultures from the east that may or may not have been originally related to the Aurelians. The reconstruction of Arcadia raised more awareness of the Aurseleth culture as the true Aurelians died out, and a number of hereditary dynasties were formed. Nobles began to reclaim the riches of their Aurelian ancestors as provincial control was eventually established among the wealthy.

Aurseleth was almost perpetually engaged in conflict with the Kiyamanid Kingdom (modern day Khiya and Manis), which was another major territory that evolved out of the fall of the Aurelian Empire. Much of Aurseleth's southern territories fragmented as wars went on; a series of nations formed between the divide of Aurseleth and the Kiyamanid Kingdom as issues concerning wealth, famine and displacement eventually caused the war to dissipate by the end of the Second Era. The mid-Second Era of Aurseleth entailed significant destruction as the last War of the Gods raged on; around this time, the Cult of the Dragon was established in the underworld of Arcadia.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Aurseleth is part of the northeastern coastline of Aurelia, and has a widely variable climate between lush forests and arid deserts. The southern half of Aurelia is walled by a vast mountain range that possesses several throughways constructed by the Aurelians several millennia ago. A majority of Aurseleth's political geography is centred around the bay of Arcadia, Aurseleth's capital city. Spanning two key biomes, Aurseleth is home to bears, wolves, mountain lions, and a myriad of other creatures both mundane and magical. There is considerable proof that some Phoenixes nest in Aurseleth's mountains.

Government[edit | edit source]

A firmly established hereditary monarchy, Aurseleth's imperial rule has flourished for nearly five millennia. The current ruler of Aurseleth is the Emperor Eldaerenth Sunray, an elderly elf who is in his twilight years and making preparations for his son, Haldamírion Sunray to succeed him after his death. The nobility of Aurseleth comprise most of the governmental structure that advise the Emperor on political matters. Despite the strength of the monarchy, it has constantly been under threat of invasion by the Cult of the Dragon, who have debased Aurseleth's infrastructure more than once.

Religion[edit | edit source]

Aurseleth is home to Telamon's largest cult of Soldalatel, who is generally considered as the patron deity of the country. Arcadia has been a religious centre of Soldaltel's power for nearly seven millennia, and several monastic orders, priestly and militaristic, base themselves in the city. Freedom of religion is practised in Arcadia, for the exception of the Mirselen pantheon and Drascasur, of whose religious presences have threatened the lives of many in Aurseleth's history. Though worship of the Mirselen gods are well controlled, the underground presence of the Cult of the Dragon have made it impossible to fully stomp out worship of Drascasur.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Home to the Aurselen, Aurseleth is a vast dominion mostly controlled by an elvish populace. Other elvish cultures live in Aurseleth, among which are Taeleni and Mirselen who have fled the boundaries of Scaurai. Human and dwarven cultures are less common in Aurseleth, although the western reaches of the country have higher concentrations of humans who descend from the same tribes as those who live in Tuaben and Ontrea. Orcish peoples are near nonexistent in Aurseleth, as some Aurselen take a dislike to their presence.

Relations[edit | edit source]

Though ancient, respected and feared in equal measure, Aurseleth is nation of a controversial nature. Though they are not too proud as to deny contact with non-elves, the haughtiness of the Aurselen culture sometimes puts them at odds with others in a diplomatic sense. Regardless, the ancient customs of Aurseleth encourage the Aurselen to be honourable and charitable, although merciless against those who practice dark rituals. Aurseleth has less-than-cordial relations with Khiya and Manis.

  • Positive relations
    • Ontrea - Aurseleth and Ontrea maintain strong trade lines and offer protection from raids.
  • Ambivalent relations
    • Khiya - Though disdainful of their politics and sentiments towards class structure, Aurseleth and Khiya maintain peaceful coexistence for economic reasons.
    • Manis - Aurseleth and Manis retain little contact in modern times, although too retain a peaceful coexistence to prevent war expenses.
  • Negative relations
    • Skauros - Though only vaguely aware of their existence, the rumour of monstrous creatures cause those leading Aurseleth some concern.

Notable Aurselen[edit | edit source]

  • Solar Empire of Aurseleth
    • Emperor Eldaerenth Sunray - Current Emperor of Aurseleth
    • Crown Prince Haldamírion Sunray - Next Emperor of Aurseleth
  • Other Aurselen

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