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Hail to Our Kingdom, hail to Aynach; hail to the lands of men betrothed in the light of glorious day, hail to their sons and daughters whose lives we find ourselves entrusted with. By grace of the noble lordship of Aynach to whom I swear, my soul become my guide and my sword my mercy and companion. To the Order of the Knights, I entrust my kinship and my companionship; my soul, my loyalty. My life. Praise Isiris.
โ€” Initiative Oath of Aynachian Knighthood

Aynach is a country located north in the continent of Dryadala. A land of knighthood and chivalry, it serves as one of the main bastions of Mankind in the world. The nation is well known across the world for its powerful military, codes of conduct preaching of valor and justice.

History[edit | edit source]

Founding[edit | edit source]

The country of Aynach was founded five hundred years ago by tribes of Humans who were separated from their kin by the rise of the Ogres of the Ogrelands. Led by the man historically known as Theobald the Just, myths claim he was visited by an angel named Naariel who, through visions, guided him with founding the city of Solaris and taught him the concepts of good and justice. Theobald chose to give his trusted advisors titles of nobility and claims of land in order to aid in its protection, following the guidance granted by the angel which would lead to the birth of Aynachian knighthood and chivalry. The angel would become known as the Lady of the Veil, or simply the Veiled Lady.

As the capital of Solaris prospered and towns begun spreading across the territory, the angel returned to the now-aged Theobald and gifted him the object known as the Holy Grail; a goblet said to contain the blood of the Veiled Lady herself (though it would actually be a sample of Aldirei's own blood). Those who drank from this blood were granted superhuman health, and these individuals would go on to create the Order of the All-Seeing, the highest and most prestigious knight order of Aynach to this day. With a code of conduct encouraging altruism, good and valor, the Humans of the region would become paragons of dialog and diplomacy, eventually allying the Dwarves of Khargrimnir, the Ashen Elves of Eryliana and their distant brethren of the Confederation of Lechner.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Aynach is a land of plains and plateaus, bordering the nations of Eondrassana, Khargrimnir and the Ogrelands. Most towns and cities base themselves around the river called Arching Beck, which comes from the eastern mountains and eventually ends in the seashore. The largest portions of forest are the Lanicana Woodland and the Wynway Grove, which serve as Aynach's main source of lumber and serve as home to a variety of wild animals.

Government[edit | edit source]

Aynach's government is a mix between a hereditary monarchy and a meritocracy, led by the individual known as the King-Knight. The successor of the throne is always the eldest child of the previous King-Knight, but to be recognized as a ruler, they must do a feat of great valour, courage and that benefits the nation to some description, such as defeating a dangerous monster plaguing the land, winning a great battle against an enemy faction or opening relations to a new ally. In case they fail or refuse to achieve knighthood, they are no longer considered legible to be a monarch and are replaced by the next eldest child.

Religion[edit | edit source]

Religion makes up a very important part of Aynach society. The Sublime Chivalry venerates the goddess they call the Lady of the Veil (in truth the Astral Deva named Naariel) as their patron, for it is said she legendary Theobald into founding Aynach and to the birth of their knights. Aldirei's association with valor makes them highly regarded in the country, while Skasdrumri is revered as a symbol of civilization itself.

Pantheon[edit | edit source]

Greater gods
Lesser gods

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

The Sublime Chivalry is inhabited primarily by Humans; ethnically speaking, they possess a fair complexion and light shades of hair. Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes make up a minority sometimes found at the outer cities of the region, usually welcomed with open arms by the populace so long as they do not challenge their sovereignty. Tribes of Goblins, Ogres, Crocodilians and Kobolds can also be found thorough the region, rarely having amiable relations with the Human settlers and typically serving as the primary concern of the knight orders. The Goblin tribe known as the Horsechoppers have, over the course of generations, trained themselves to attack and kill horses used by Aynachian knights, leading them to be treated as a significant threat by the knightly orders.

Relations[edit | edit source]

Aynach is famed for its diplomacy, being considered one of the most open Human nations to outsiders. Their strongest links are with the Confederation of Lechner and Khargrimnir, who are considered their closest allies, and they possess many trade routes linking them to the Lizardfolk of Merovaren. Their enemies include the Rakash of Skitterfall and the vampires of Duskwood, who they work alongside the Lechnerians to oppose. Despite their generally positive outlook on diplomacy, Aynach is known to suffer from a certain air of superiority towards cultures they consider 'backwards' compared to their own; they look down on nations who partakes in slavery, raiding, speciesism and open worship of unethical deities.

  • Positive relations
    • Confederation of Lechner - While not being members of the Confederation, the Aynachians consider the Lechnerians their kin all the same.
    • Eondrassana - The Wood Elves have amiable relations with the Aynachians, as they pose no threat to them.
    • Eryliana - The Ashen Elves are strong allies of Aynach, and are valued for their efforts against the northern barbarians.
    • Khargrimnir - The Dwarves find good kinship with the Humans of Aynach, working alongside them in their shared goals.
    • Merovaren - Due to their welcoming demeanor, the Lizardfolk trade has a very strong presence in Aynach.
  • Ambivalent relations
    • Arkhanset - Despite their efforts, Aynach has not been able to establish working relations with their stranded cousins of Arkhanset beyond a non-aggression pact.
  • Negative relations
    • Duskwood - Knights of Aynach occasionally venture into Duskwood to cleanse it of monsters and undead.
    • Mirseleth - Aynach's shores have been raided by the Dark Elves many times.
    • Ogrelands - Aynach is one of the primary targets of the Ogre raiders of their malign homeland.
    • Skitterfall - Aynach has one of the largest concentration of Rakash among the nations of Men, with skirmishes not being rare.

Notable aynachians[edit | edit source]

  • Sublime Chivalry
    • Diederich Nobleflame - Current King-Knight of Solaris and ruler of Aynach
    • Rickard Lionheart - Current Grandmaster of the Order of the All-Seeing Knights
    • Norrigan Sunseeker - Knight-Errant of the Order of the All-Seeing Knights
  • Historical figures
    • Theobald the Just - Founder of Aynach

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