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What is the Bestiary of the Golden Hypogriph?[edit source]

The Golden Hypogriph

Hello! Welcome to the Wiki of the Bestiary, We are a community of enthusiasts of all that contains creatures, bestiaries, fantasy and science fiction. If you want to know the basic concepts of this wiki, you can also read: Welcome and introduction, but if you don't want to wait and want to know us now, try Community.

If you want to read about creatures[edit source]

This is your place! The bestiary contains infinity 😲 of beings, concepts, places and civilizations waiting to be discovered between its pages.

If you want to write[edit source]

Here we encourage you to invent and publish your own magical, fantastic, and mythological creatures, as well as civilizations, universes, stories, and whatever comes to your mind. Let's populate this multiverse with imagination!

Founder[edit source]

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The Blog of the Golden hypogriph was created by the following person:
His intellectual rights belong to him. Check with him before changing his canon.

The Bestiary of the Golden Hypogripho was founded by user: Jakeukalane on the Blogia platform, on June 26, 2004. Since then it has continued to collect fantastic creatures, and create its own own mythology framed in the surprising omniverse called Milegu.

Collaborators[edit source]

For more members of the Bestiary of the Golden Hypogriph, you can consult: Administrators or Collaborators.

Here is a small sample:

was created by the following The owl man:
Ángel Montero Lamas (Avengium)
Welcome to the Bestiary, we are looking forward to meeting you.

was created by the following The avid thinker:
Welcome to the Bestiary, we are looking forward to meeting you.

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