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The Golden Hypogripho by White Dragon Art

What is the Bestiary of the Golden Hypogriph?[edit]

Hello! Welcome to the Wiki of the Bestiary, We are a community of enthusiasts of all that contains creatures, bestiaries, fantasy and science fiction. If you want to know the basic concepts of this wiki, you can also read: Welcome and introduction, but if you don't want to wait and want to know us now, try Community.

Who are the administrators of the Golden Hypogriph?[edit]

The founder and the administrators and editors of the bestiary.



The bestiary of the Golden Hypogriph was founded by Jakeukalane on the platform Blogia, on June 26, 2004. Since then, he has continued to collect fantastic creatures, and create his own mythology framed in the surprising omniverse called Milegu.

Jakeukalane takes care of all aspects of the bestiary management, from writing the text, searching for the images, contacting the artists, designing the structure of the website, the categories, templates and all the intermediate work. It also records sounds and pronunciations, searches for maps and manuscripts, collects mythological sources and bestiaries and a host of other things.

Hundreds of fictional species and civilizations created by him testify to his talent. His are creatures such as:



Avengium, nickname of รngel Montero Lamas, joined the Hypogripho Dorado bestiary in 2011. Fascinated by the breadth of the bestiary, by the amount of creatures it gathered and by the ambitiousness of his project: an omniverse that contained all the possible and impossible permutations of the infinities multiverses. His fascination with creatures and everything fantastic led him to collaborate with texts, and step by step he has become one of the most valuable collaborators of the bestiary.

He contribute to the bestiary with his own texts and images, commissioning images from artists, helping with the structure of the web, writing categories and templates and many other things.

His are for example the Daren'Ga, the Cogi and the planet of the Gemmed Elves (Gemra), among others.




NimoStar knew the bestiary in its beginnings, and for many years he maintained contact as a reader until he made the leap to collaborator. His awakened intelligence and kindness to the bestiary have helped the bestiary continue to grow and find new platforms on which to develop.

Just as his knowledge of coding and using computer resources has helped to develop better pages, templates, images and services for the bestiary.

His (or in collaboration) are for example: The omniverse Umaggar, with its multiple Metaspheres, such as the Zzsh Metasphere, and the Ohk Metasphere from which the Ummanos and other species and Illoria among others.