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Maintenance helps wiki

The Maintenance consists of the set of tasks to keep the wiki clean, up-to-date and to ensure that our content is in line with the standards of the wiki.

Users are encouraged to contribute to the maintenance areas. However, some tasks are assigned to certain groups of users. For example, Administrators help keep the wiki clean of vandalism by blocking spam and malicious editors. Certain basic maintenance tasks can also be assigned to a bot, which can edit a large number of pages in a short space of time.

Special Pages is a very useful page that gives access to many maintenance and administration pages of the wiki. It is also in the sidebar. Remember that basic maintenance edits, such as correcting a link or spelling mistakes, are usually marked as a minor edit (m).

Files[edit source]

Unused files The following files exist but are not inserted into any page. Special:UnusedFiles
Wanted files Those in external repositories are crossed out (solved). Special:WantedFiles Pages with non-existent files are in Category: Pages with broken file links
Uncategorized files Uncategorized files. Special:UncategorizedFiles
New files gallery This special page shows a gallery of the latest uploaded files. Special:NewImages (local).
List of files with duplicates The most recent version of a file is a duplicate of the most recent version of another file. Only local files. Special: ListDuplicatedFiles
New global files Files that are uploaded to Miraheze Commons or to any connected wiki can also be used on this wiki. Special: GlobalNewFiles

Categories[edit source]

Unused categories They have been created, but no article or category uses them: Special:UnusedCategories
Required categories There are Pages with links in red to these categories. Special:WantedCategories
Uncategorized categories Loose categories. They are not within the tree or hierarchical. Special:UncategorizedCategories try: Special:CategoryTree to see the tree.
Uncategorized templates Uncategorized templates. Special:UncategorizedTemplates
Uncategorized pages Uncategorized pages. Special:UncategorizedPages
Tracking categories Tracking categories that have been automatically generated by the MediaWiki software. Special:TrackingCategories
Most categorized pages Pages with more categories. Special:MostCategories

Written content[edit source]

It is preferable that the content is free of spelling / grammar errors, is of adequate length and contains good information, in addition to following the wiki's writing guidelines.

Required pages Articles not created will be displayed as a red link. They must follow the Style Manual and can only be created by self-confirmed users. See Special:WantedPages
Short articles Articles or sections that are very short and lack basic information need improvement. See: Special:ShortPages
Article drafts Articles with the template {{Notice Bestiary draft}}, {{Notice draft}} and {{Notice draft without Bestiary}} need to be completed with more information. See: Drafts

Not allowed edits[edit source]

Administration of the anti-abuse filter The anti-abuse filter is an automated software mechanism for all actions. This interface shows a list of defined filters, which can be modified. Special:AbuseFilter
Block user If you block someone, explain the specific reason for the block (for example, citing particular pages that have been vandalized) Special:Block
Automatic locks List of local automatic locks. Special:AutoblockList
Blocked Users List of local manual locks. Special:BlockList
List of globally blocked IP addresses This is a list of all global locks that are currently in effect. Special:GlobalBlockList

Links and connections[edit source]

Articles without links Articles that, regardless of their length, lack links. Either inward: Special:OrphanedPages or outward: Special:DeadendPages
Status of external links Check if external links are working or down. (in English: rotten links). Special:RottenLinks
Pages without interlinguistic links List of pages that do not have a version in other languages. Special:WithoutInterwiki

Tools[edit source]

MatomoAnalytics Traffic to the page. All the data collected correspond to the previous 30 days from yesterday (updated daily) Special:Analytics
Wiki forum A basic talk page, to talk. Special:WikiForum
Interwikis data Summary of the interwikis table, which defines the shortcuts by prefixes used to link Special:Interwiki
Create newsletter (bulletin) You will be added as an editor and subscribed to the newsletter upon creation Special:RegisterNewsletter
Replace text To replace one text string with another on all pages of this wiki Special:ReplaceText
Version Software, Appearances, Extensions and Libraries installed. Syntactic extensions and syntactic function tags Special:Version
WikiDiscover List of all wikis within Miraheze by language and category Special:WikiDiscover

Intercriaturas[edit source]

File list Intercriaturas File List intercriaturas:Special:ListFiles
New Images Gallery with smaller icons, more condensed and filter by type intercriaturas:Special:NewFiles
New Item (wikibase) Create a new item in the intercriaturas repository intercriaturas:Special:NewItem

Templates[edit source]

{{ Unused templates They have been created, but no article or category uses them: Special:UnusedTemplates
Wanted templates There are Pages with links in red to these templates. Special:WantedTemplates
Uncategorized templates Uncategorized templates. Special:UncategorizedTemplates

Redirects[edit source]

Double redirects List of pages that redirect to other redirect pages. The crossed-out entries have been resolved. Special:DoubleRedirects
Incorrect redirects The following redirects link to pages that do not yet exist (red): Special:BrokenRedirects
List of redirects List of all wiki redirects. Special:ListRedirects
Redirect by file, page, review or record This special page redirects to a file (given a name), a page, a user page, or a registry entry (given a record identifier). Special:Redirect