Bilrik Wilybar

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Bilrik Wilybar is a renowned Gnome wizard and scholar who specializes in summoning and binding outsiders into the Material Plane. A high ranking member of Khargrimnir's Runeversity of Magic, he believes the use of powerful supernatural creatures allows his people to have an edge against his enemies, and wants to improve his craft in order to gain power over even more powerful types of outsider.

History[edit | edit source]

Born at Whistlehold in 2630 3E, Bilrik joined the Runeversity of Magic at the age of 16, hoping to become a successful wizard like his father and mother before him. While succeeding in his lessons, he did not achieve any true aspirations during his early years and remained unsure of what specific path he wanted to take. This changed during his sixth year, when an experiment in arcane magic led him to call forth an ethereal creature from the Space In-Between who assumed the form of a tailed crab; a creature bound to Bilrik's very soul, who he felt a sense of supernatural familiary with, and while it startled his teacher and classmates, they quickly realized it was not hostile. The creature was given the name of Cookie as, according to Bilrik, its first act in the Material Plane was to raid the classroom's jar of sweets.

While Bilrik was fiercely reprehensed by the Dwarven headmasters for illegally summoning an outsider into the institution's grounds, he was eventually forgiven due to them understanding it was technically an accident. The Gnome himself became utterly fascinated with the art of summoning magic and chose to make it his true vocation, and with Cookie by his side, he would graduate and eventually become a figure of renown among the magical community of Khargrimnir, becoming an advisor for Thane Rizgeez Tinloflink. He would marry Lunith Gridelocks, one of his classmates, and they would have a child by the name of Bilrika.

Features[edit | edit source]

Bilrik is an adult Gnome of averate stature. His hair is a deep shade of blue and he sports an impressive mustache which curves upwards. He wears a noblegnome's attires with sigils of his associated magical orders, as well as a rune which marks him as favored by the headmasters of the Dwarven Runeversity of Magic.

Bilrik is one of the most renowned spellcasters of Gnomekind, with his ability to summon forth creatures from other planes and binding them into the Material being well known across Khargrimnir, though the same reasons lead him to be somewhat controversial. The Gnome does his craft regardless of the summoned creatures' wishes, and while many have responded to his calls willingly, others have been enslaved against their will; Bilrik believes their feelings must be put aside for the safety of Khargrimnir, though he prefers when his outsiders do not hold grudges against him.

Bilrik's loyal companion, Cookie, is a shapeshifting creature native to the Space In-Between who resembles a red crab with a lobster's tail. It describes itself as being "part of" Bilrik, and neither the Gnome nor the outsider see each other as master or servant. Cookie is largely uninterested in most things which do not directly concern it and spends most of its time either eating, sleeping or helping Bilrik in his conjurations. While it is capable of speech, Cookie only sparingly does so, more often to scare those not aware that it can do so.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Allies
    • Rizgeez Tinloflink - Bilrik is a close and loyal advisor to the Gnome Thane.
    • Cookie - Bilrik's companion, a magical crab-like creature from the Space In-Between, Cookie's link to the Gnome is one that goes as deep as their very souls, and the two are inseparable.
    • Bilrika Wilybar - Bilrik is always worried sick over his daughter, and has repeatedly attempted to talk her out of adventuring, without success.
  • Ambivalent
    • N/A
  • Enemies
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