Bilrika Wilybar

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Bilrika Wilybar is a young Gnome mage and aspiring adventurer. The daughter of the renowned Bilrik Wilybar, Bilrika wishes to explore the world and make a name for herself without having to rely on her family to do so, much to the dismay of her father, who deeply worries for her safety.

History[edit | edit source]

Born at Whistlehold in 2667 3E, Bilrika quickly grew interested in magic since an early age, when her father bound a small ice elemental to serve as her guardian. This critter, named Icicle by Bilrika, would grow attached to her and became her inseparable companion during her time in formal education. After graduating her classes and becoming a full sanctioned mage, Bilrika grew more and more interested in the idea of exploring the world, charmed by tales of parties of heroes who travel the earth and save the lives of entire populations. While her mother supported her, her father grew horribly worried over the thought of her dying away from home and forbid her of doing such a thing. Not one to give up easily, however, Bilrika eventually managed to flee her home and left Whistlehold, eluding any attempts of Bilrik to find her. He was eventually forced to accept her decision when they spoke again through long-range magical communications, but warned her that, should he hear that her life is at risk, he will bring her back home whether she wants it or not.

Features[edit | edit source]

Bilrika is a young Gnome woman who wears her light blue hair in a characteristic pair of ponytails. She wears a mage's robes which are an icy blue colour and casts her spells with a wand. She is a well-learned user of ice-based magic, allowing her to conjure blasts of frost, freeze her surroundings or turn water into ice.

Bilrika is a plucky and energetic individual, eager to make new acquaintances. She wishes to explore the world all over, learn of its wonders and visit its most beautiful spots. Those who know her well describe her as impatient and sarcastic. She avoids violence whenever possible, largely because she does not want to risk getting herself hurt, though she is not afraid to use her magic for self-defense.

The Gnome's companion is a small ice elemental named Icicle, who was called from the Elemental Plane and bound to the Material by Bilrika's father as a 10th year birthday present to serve as her guardian. She resembles a legless, hovering humanoid with a pair of arms ending in three-fingered hands and a head which sports two white eyes and a pair of curved, ram-like horns. Around her wrists are a pair of bracers, symbolizing her bindings. Icicle is extremely friendly and playful, usually floating around Bilrika and greeting anyone who approaches her. She speaks in Aquan tongue, which comes off as high-pitched yelps to most, but Bilrika is fluent in the language and can understand her fine.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Allies
    • Bilrik Wilybar - While she respects and loves her father, Bilrika is very annoyed by his overprotective nature.
    • Icicle - Bilrika's loyal familiar, Icicle follows wherever she goes and provides all the help she can.
  • Ambivalent
    • N/A
  • Enemies
    • N/A

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