From Bestiary of the Hypogriph

Borost, often known as the Land, or (incorrectly) as All the Land, and by many other names by non-Dwaerkar and non-Borostím populations, is an area of land in the World, whose boundaries and extension are the subject of much dispute.

The Dwaerkar and the Borostim populace will claim Borost spans the entire continent, with which all other races will disagree -- they will claim that Borost is merely the area of land presently controlled by the Dwaerkar freeholds.

As per the second definition, which holds currency even among the Borostím and Dwaerkar academia, the population of Borost is primarily of Borostím extraction, with Dwaerkar inhabitants forming a significant minority. Currently the Land is governed by the Dwaerkar freehold system, a collection of Dwaerkar chiefdoms with power over tracts of land within Borost.

The peninsular argument[edit | edit source]

Some argue that Borost is the entirety of the Borostian peninsula. They are, however, wrong.

The freehold argument[edit | edit source]

Others contend that Borost is only the land controlled by the Dwaerkar freeholds, formerly by Elven Borost.