Borostím people

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File:Borostím in main article, male.jpg
A male Borostím displaying red eyes and black hair, the most common phenotype of the species.
File:Borostim in main article, female.jpg
A female Borostím, displaying white hair and yellow eyes, both of which are traits associated with the Borostím nobility of old.

The Borostím people, also known as simply the Borostím (bo-ros-TIM), and as dark elves, known as Dulerlkar by the Dwaerkar, are a Símic race in Borost. The Borostím are, by far, the most populous sapient race in Borost. Although highly adaptable, the Borostím traditionally prefer to live in forests. The Borostím are known for their adaptability, agility, and natural proficiency in Magic.

Physical and psychological traits[edit | edit source]

The Borostím possess generally dark skin, which ranges across the purple spectrum. They are, on average, about 1.13 units tall (OOC: 1.7 meters), and are, as other sím, quite lean. They generally have sable-dark hair and red eyes. However, some have light, even white hair and yellow eyes -- these traits are associated with the line of Tavres Ilsím. The Borostím live for approximately 150 years, although it is said that before the rise of the Dwaerkar they lived for about 200. The Borostím generally speak Borostimat, their ancestral language, but many have adopted one or more of the Dwaerkar languages.

The Borostím are considered to be skilled hunters, trackers, infiltrators, guerrilla fighters, but over all these, spellcasters and sorcerers. They are known for their hardiness, adaptability, and magical predisposition.

Demography[edit | edit source]

The Borostím are the most populous race of all of the peninsula, surpassing the population of all of the other races combined. They inhabit nearly every segment of the peninsula, excluding mountain ranges and the Great Swamp. Borostím culture has profoundly shaped the development of all of Borost.

History[edit | edit source]

According to legend, the Borostím originated in Borost. Indeed, the land takes its name from them, as the Borostím were its initial inhabitants. They first build a realm when legendary king Tavres Ilsím founded the now-ruined city of Koss Gaer. Their Kingdom was first rocked by civil war, then battered by the Invasions, and finally toppled by the Dwaerkar in the War of Ÿphergund, which cemented the rise of the Dwaerkar.

Recently, the proud realm of Elven Borost, which controlled much of the peninsula for milennia, was toppled by the Dwaerkar following the War of Ÿphergund. Since then, the Dwaerkar-enforced Fatherhood has pressed some Borostím to accept Dwaerkar culture, although this has been minimal. In turn, the Fatherhood has given birth to many independence and resistance movements, the most notorious of which is the New Covenant.