Chtzul people

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File:Chtzul soldier, Izlenteft.jpg
A Chtzul warrior, well-outfitted for the frigid fighting conditions of the Izlenteft mountains.

The Chtzuler (c-TZHU-lehr), singular Chtzul, known as Kzuelkar by the Dwaerkar, and often pejoratively as orcs, are a race that inhabits the Izlenteft and Drusseberg mountains and the adjacent areas to the immediate North of Borost.

They live in loose clans and chiefdoms, and survive of subsistence farming in the glacial valleys and hunting the plentiful game of the mountainous forest.

The Chtzul have successfully resisted the expansion of the Dwaerkar on many occasions, most recently in the (technically ongoing) Izlenteft War.