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Chtzulhand is a term that refers to the lands controlled by the Chtzul people. The realm denoted as Chtzulhand is also known as the Northern Chiefdoms, the Great Chiefdom, and the Dynasties of the Mountains. Nevertheless, none of these terms ably encapsulates the intricacies of political rule in the cold of the Izlenteft and Drusseberg mountains.

Chtzulhand, also known as the Northern Chiefdoms and the Great Chiefdom, is not actually a chiefdom per se, but a vast collection of small tribes and clans under the leadership of two primary factions.

Chtzulhand literally means "land of the Chtzul", where Chtzul refers to the Chtzul people. The land is barren and mountainous, and the Chtzul live by foraging in the great mountains and their pine-laden faces, and in the ice-free but infertile glacial valleys through tribe-organized farming.

File:Chtzul female warrior snow.jpg
A warrior of Chtzulhand braving the cold of the mountains.

Chtzulhand is considered to be un-invadable, and many attempts to conquer the land have ended in utter disaster. This includes a Dwaerkar attempt, the Izlenteft War of +523 to +527, in which more than 20,000 Dwaerkar perished while attempting to traverse the Izlenteft mountains.

Klodricnjenckj[edit | edit source]

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Klodricnjenckj, known to the Dwaerkar people as Klodrickneck, is a Chtzul faction in power primarily in the eastern reaches of the chiefdom. In the territories controlled by the Klodricnjen clan, a fierce despotism is centred on the figure of the Grog, or chief, of the Klodricnjen. Currently, Grog Tjengnenjen the Crusher rules the collection of tribes from his seat in Skjankenjag.

Klodricnjenckj has often fought Nejemugdeskaggj in the past, although the recent rise of the Dwaerkar has forced both of these factions into an uneasy truce.

Nejemugdeskaggj[edit | edit source]

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Nejemugdeskaggj, also known as Nejemnjenckj, and primarily known to the Dwaerkar people as Neemunskatt, is a Chtzul faction in power primarily in the western reaches of the chiefdom. This constellation of tribes and clans is ruled by the Nejemjen clan, who deliberate on matters of policy with the Council of Grogs, constituted of the most powerful Grogs of the vassal tribes. Nejemugdeskaggj is currently governed by High Grog Rancjangen Nejemjen from the de facto capital of Krangjendchak.