Borost:Clan Ouwegund

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph
Clan Ouwegund
Defunct clan of the Dwaerkar
Current regionTielsland
Current headClan defunct.
TitlesChief of Ouwestad

Clan Ouwegund is a former Great Clans of the Dwaerkar. It was established by Ouwe the Founder, and carried on through his primary line.

Tielsland clans directly trace their lineage to Clan Ouwegund. Clan Ÿphergund claimed descent from Ouwe's second-born, Ÿpher Ouwegund, while Clan Ythred was a cadet branch of Clan Ÿphergund. Clan Ÿzerhand, a successor to Clan Ythred, also claims this heritage.

Nearly all Dwaerkar clans claim partial descent from Ouwe the Founder and thus Clan Ouwegund.