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Elenryd appears frequently in Borostím art, and is considered their Mother Deity.

Elenryd, Spirit of the Moon, is a central figure in the Borostím religion.

Elenryd is considered the progenitor of the Borostím, and in some interpretations of the World itself.

She is often depicted as being at odds with Manred, Lord of the Abyss.



Elenryd is supposed to have no birth. Along with Manred, she has supposedly existed since the dawn of the world, and the remainder of the gods are supposed to have been birthed from the product of their union.

Role in Borostím pantheon[edit]

Elenryd is the moon deity of the Borostím pantheon. Curiously, the Borostím pantheon does not appear to have a conjugate 'sun' deity.