From Bestiary of the Hypogriph

The Fatherhood is a system by which the Dwaerkar have attempted to share their culture, technology, and religion with the Borostím.

Although implemented in numerous ways across the Dwaerkar freeholds, the principal goal of the Fatherhood -- spreading the devotion of Kel to a skeptical Borostím population -- is nigh-universal.

Principal implementations[edit]

Ouwestadian Fatherhood[edit]

Largely practiced and stipulated. Compromise between religion and technology

Scheveningian Fatherhood[edit]

Far gentler than others

Hyrostian Fatherhood[edit]

Primarily focused on quenching any flames of unrest among the Borostím

Borostím response[edit]

Despite numerous benefits, the Borostím have delivered a mixed response to the Fatherhood.

Other Dwaerkar agents[edit]

Followers of Kel[edit]

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Although often associated with the Fatherhood, the Followers are in fact a completely separate organisation.

Sons of Kel[edit]

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Likewise, the Sons of Kel have also become largely associated with the Fatherhood, despite being unaffiliated and in fact opposed to it.