Borost:Free Cities

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph

The Cities of the Borostím, to the South of Borost, and known as the Free Cities to their inhabitants, are a group of city-states established in the southwestern coast of the peninsula by Borostím dissidents who escaped Borost following the Dwaerkar ascendancy, and settled in places where the dark elves had already primitive colonies. The rapid growth of these cities has caused a number of problems, and many of their inhabitants live in squalor.


The cities are primarily populated by Borostím refugees and outcasts that chose to escape Elven Borost after Ÿphergund's War, rather than allow themselves to be subjected to the rule of the Dwaerkar.

The Free Cities[edit]


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Adwengwyngeryn, known to the Dwaerkar as Adwenigen, is a city located at the mouth of the river Callagon.


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Branngylledyll, known to the Dwaerkar as Branagell, is a city located close to the mouth of the great river Cyridef.


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Gwyngyrymlech, known by many Dwaerkar as Grimlech,


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Hardnemym, known by the Dwaerkar as Haerdnemim,